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Is Obamacare Fraying Our Healthcare Safety Net?

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act ("ACA") is providing a unique set of challenges for the nation’s healthcare safety net providers, which provide essential healthcare services to those in need, regardless of their ability to pay. Is the ACA fraying our healthcare safety net? The answer is: yes and no ... How hospitals in general and safety net providers specifically are faring under the ACA depends on a multiplicity of factors Continue

Chapter 9 and Alternatives - Part Three: Competing Interests in Chapter 9 and Bondholders’ Rights

Chapter 9 is generally viewed as the remedy of last resort for troubled municipalities. It is a vehicle not for elimination of debt, but for debt adjustment. Accordingly, cities who recently have filed for Chapter 9 have been faced with heated battles between creditors, including bondholders, public employees and other representatives of public debt Continue

Are Public Libraries Still Relevant in American Communities?

As patrons’ habits have changed, public libraries have evolved, retaining their role as an important community resource, offering an increasing variety of materials, services and programs to residents. Despite significant changes driven primarily by technology, libraries remain relevant fixtures in American infrastructure. Continue

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In this column, Triet Nguyen, managing partner of NewOak Capital, offers his views on the municipal bond market

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MuniNet Conference & Webinar Guide

Conference Name Location Date
MSRB and Municipal Forum of New York Education and Outreach Seminar New York, New York July 28–July 28, 2015
Brandeis International Business School and The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston: 2015 Municipal Finance Conference Boston, Massachusetts August 7–August 7, 2015
National Association of State Budget Officers: Annual Meeting Stowe, Vermont August 9–August 12, 2015
National Association of State Auditors, Comptrollers and Treasurers: 2015 Annual Conference Chicago, Illinois August 22–August 26, 2015
American Public Works Association: 2015 International Public Works Congress & Expo Phoenix, Arizona August 30–September 2, 2015
National Association of Bond Lawyers: 40th Annual Bond Attorney’s Workshop Chicago, Illinois September 9–September 11, 2015
ICIC: 2015 Inner City Economic Summit Detroit, Michigan September 15–September 16, 2015

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