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FEATURED MUNINET CHART: Cities With Low Pension Funding Ratios 2015, from Merritt Research Services, LLC (Unfunded Plan Liabilities of over $250 million, as reported under GASB 67 &68)

Source: Merritt Research Services, LLC

  • Key Takeaway from US Cities with Low Pension Funding Ratios 2015
    • Low pension funding ratios continue to plague the financial condition of many U.S. cities.
    • All of the cities on this chart not only have low funding ratios, but high total unfunded pension liabilities per capita
    • It should be noted that Indianapolis and Portland have almost no pre-funded pension liabilities as a strategic financial decision. Indianapolis is supported by the State of Indiana, and Portland uses a limited property tax, both to pay their pension liabilities as they go. Still, they have notably high per capita liabilities.
    • Chicago leads all large U.S. cities in unfunded liabilities per capita, with $12,440.90 per person.

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