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How Is Your State’s Economy Trending – Leaders and Laggards “ 2nd Quarter Results

The U.S. economy has officially rebounded from the Great Recession in both GDP and employment terms, but the Fed's continuing policy of near-zero interest rates, enabled by low inflation and low wage growth, strengthens the feeling that things are just not back on the right track. Residents of some states have reason to feel more confident than others, and our analysis of key economic indicators provides insight into which states have and will continue to stand out. Continue

Change Doesn’t Come Easy for Municipal Bond Audit Timing

Seasoned investors and the general public have common cause to desire more timely municipal bond audits. When a municipality fails to make their bond audits publicly available, it affects investors' abilities to accurately match price and risk. Furthermore, the public does not have the information required to exercise their input and influence. Merritt Research's latest study shows there is more to criticize than celebrate. Continue

Chapter 9 and Alternatives - Part Three: Competing Interests in Chapter 9 and Bondholders’ Rights

Chapter 9 is generally viewed as the remedy of last resort for troubled municipalities. It is a vehicle not for elimination of debt, but for debt adjustment. Accordingly, cities who recently have filed for Chapter 9 have been faced with heated battles between creditors, including bondholders, public employees and other representatives of public debt Continue

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Conference Name Location Date
Smith’s Municipal All Star Program New York, New York December 2–December 2, 2015
The Bond Buyer’s Deal of the Year Awards New York, NY December 3–December 3, 2015
“Transparency and Accountability in State Budgeting: Challenges for Illinois and Other States" Chicago, IL December 7–December 7, 2015
NFMA: Advanced Seminar on Higher Education Phoenix, Arizona January 14–January 15, 2016
P3C: Public-Private Partnership Conference & Expo Dallas, Texas March 7–March 9, 2016
NFMA Annual Conference Chicago, IL May 3–May 6, 2016

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