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Municipal Bond Calendar

Bond Calendar

How can MuniNet Guide’s Municipal Bond Calendar help you?

MuniNet Guide’s municipal bond calendar (see below) provides the latest issues of municipal bonds, courtesy of Mesirow Financial. Municipal Bonds are a form of debt issued by state and local governments to finance various purposes. State, county,

Quick Hits – Week of 03/27/2016 (see calendar below):

– Largest issue: State of Connecticut General Obligation Bonds – $750 Million

– Stats: 23 Competitive Issues; 49 Negotiated Issues; Total Activity = $6.6 Billion

and local general governments can issue bonds, as can special districts like trmunicipal bond calendaransit authorities and school districts. They are traditionally associated with funding infrastructure projects like bridges and waterworks with heavy upfront costs. Bonds can also be issued to raise capital to pay off old debt that was issued at a higher interest rate, similar to how households may refinance their mortgage in a time of low rates.

Whatever the purposes, purchases of municipal bonds are often available to the public and information is publicly listed. Our municipal bond calendar provides a listing of new issues scheduled for the current week, and any others within the past 30 days.  We let you know the scheduled sale date, the amount being offered, whether the issue is competitive or negotiated, and its tax-exempt status. You can sort each column to help you find a specific issue more quickly.

MuniNet adds value to our calendar listing by allowing you to click on the state in which the issuing entity exists, providing you with a state demographics page. Clicking on the issue itself takes you to that entity’s website if it a special district, or its MuniNet demographics page if it is a state, county, or city. Our state pages also include links the official government website. Find out more information regarding municipal bonds and coverage of recent events in the muni bond market by visiting our Municipal Bonds page.

Municipal Bonds

Bond IssuerStateAmountSale DateCompetitive / NegotiatiedTax-Exempt / Taxable / Both
Douglas Co NE Hosp Auth No. 2 Revs (Children’s Hospital) Nebraska$100MM02/28/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Princeton Univ Revs (Taxable) (CORPORATE CUSIP) New Jersey$100MM03/08/2017NegotiatedTaxable
Dutchess Co NY Local Dev Corp Revs (Vassar College) New York$100MM03/21/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
new - NY Metro Trans Auth Revs (Variable Rate Refunding Bonds) (Libor Floating Rate) (AGM) New York$100MM03/28/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
City of Chesapeake VA GO Pub Improv and Refunding Bonds Virginia$101MM03/14/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
new - Lancaster Co PA Hosp Auth (Brethren Village Project) Revs Pennsylvania$102MM03/27/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Univ of Pittsburgh PA Higher Ed Univ Revs Pennsylvania$104MM03/09/2017NegotiatedTaxable
Jurupa Community Services Dist CA CFD No. 47 (Eastvale Area) Special Tax Bonds California$10MM03/01/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Fairview City SD OH GO Bonds Ohio$10MM03/06/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
IN Fin Auth Edu Facil Rev (Univ of IN) Indiana$10MM03/08/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
McAllen TX Dev Corp Sales Tax Revs (Taxable) Texas$10MM03/07/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
New London CT GO ULT Connecticut$10MM03/09/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
Bedford NY GO ULT New York$10MM03/14/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
Columbia SD MO GO ULT Missouri$10MM03/13/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
Fin Auth of ME Student Loan Revs (AGC) Maine$10MM03/16/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Newton Community SD IA GO ULT Iowa$10MM03/13/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
Armstrong SD PA GO Bonds (BAM) Pennsylvania$10MM03/21/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Campbellsport WI SD GO ULT (BQ) Wisconsin$10MM03/20/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
Central Valley SD PA Go Bonds (BQ) Pennsylvania$10MM03/22/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Coalinga-Huron Joint USD CA GO Bonds California$10MM03/22/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Santa Cruz CA Lease Revs California$10MM03/22/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Upper St. Clair Township SD PA (BQ) Pennsylvania$10MM03/21/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
new - Kokomo-Center Schools Co Building Corp IN First Mortgage Bonds Indiana$10MM03/29/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
new - Pigeon Forge TN GO ULT Tennessee$10MM03/28/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
new - San Patricio Co TX Combination Tax and Rev Certificates of Obligation Texas$10MM03/30/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Tulsa Co OK IDA Senior Living Community Rev Bonds (Montereau Inc Project) Oklahoma$111MM03/22/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
OH Housing Fin Agency Residential Mortgage Revs (AMT and Non-AMT) Ohio$113MM03/13/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
WA Health Care Fac Auth Revs (Seattle Children’s Hosp) Washington$114MM03/16/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Raleigh-Durham Airport Auth NC Revs (AMT) North Carolina$116MM03/02/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Union Co OH Various Purpose Limited Tax GO and BANs Ohio$11MM03/16/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Akon Central SD New York Bonds New York$11MM03/23/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Bedford NH GO ULT New Hampshire$11MM03/22/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
City of Los Angeles Multifamily Housing Revs CA (Gilbert Lindsay Apartments) California$11MM03/20/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Olathe KS Water and Sewer System Revs Kansas$11MM03/21/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
new - Bernalillo Co NM Multifamily Housing Revs (Arroyo Vista Apartments) New Mexico$11MM03/28/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
new - Glendale CCD Los Angeles Co CA GO Bonds California$122MM03/28/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
NJ Edu Fac Auth Revs (Stevens Institute of Technology Issue) New Jersey$123MM03/01/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Springdale SD #50 AR GO LT (ST AID WITHHLDG) Arkansas$128MM03/07/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
NJ Educational Fac Auth Revs (Princeton Univ) New Jersey$128MM03/22/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
Concord SD NH GO ULT New Hampshire$12MM03/01/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
Kendallville IN Sewage Revs Indiana$12MM03/02/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
Carson Pub Fin Auth CA Refunding Revs California$12MM02/28/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Fowler USD GO CA 2017 Bonds California$12MM03/02/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Morrison Co MN GO ULT Minnesota$12MM03/07/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
UT Housing Corp Tax-Exempt Mortgage-Backed Securities (G2) Utah$12MM03/07/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Village of DeForest Dane Co WI GO Bonds Wisconsin$12MM03/06/2017NegotiatedBoth
Johnson Co Park and Rec Dist KS COPs Kansas$12MM03/15/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Queen Anne’s County MD GO ULT Maryland$12MM03/14/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
Albuquerque NM Metro Arroyo GO ULT New Mexico$12MM03/23/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
Montgomery Co Health and Higher Edu Auth PA (Gwynedd Mercy Univ) Pennsylvania$12MM03/23/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Moraga SD Contra Costa Co CA GO Bonds California$12MM03/21/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Pendergast Elementary SD No. 92 of Maricopa Co AZ School Improv Bonds Arizona$12MM03/22/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Whitehall Dist Schools MI School Building and Site Bonds Michigan$12MM03/22/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
new - Camden NJ GO ULT New Jersey$12MM03/29/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
new - Desert Hot Springs PFA CA Lease Revs California$12MM03/29/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
new - Avon Community School Building Corp IN Ad Valorem Property Tax First Mortgage Indiana$133MM03/30/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Palomar CCD CA GO Election Bonds California$139MM03/22/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Winters Community Dev Agency CA Tax Allocation Refunding Bonds California$13MM03/01/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Red Lion Area SD PA GO Bonds Pennsylvania$13MM03/09/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Big Spring SD Cumberland Co PA GO Bonds Pennsylvania$13MM03/16/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Pleasant Valley Recreation and Park Dist CA COPs California$13MM03/16/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Brentwood Union NY Free SD GO ULT New York$13MM03/22/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
Corcoran USD King Co CA Refunding COPs California$13MM03/22/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Gloucester Co NJ Utilities Auth Sewer Revs New Jersey$13MM03/23/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
new - Baraboo WI Community Dev Auth Revs Wisconsin$13MM03/28/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
new - Eureka Pub Fin Auth CA Tax Allocaiton Refunding Bonds California$13MM03/30/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
new - Mount Pleasant NY GO LT New York$13MM03/28/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
new - Wayland MA GO LT Massachusetts$13MM03/27/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
new - Whiteside and Lee Counties IL Sterling CUSD #5 School Bonds (ARS) Illinois$13MM03/28/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Sullivan Co TN GO ULT Tennessee$140MM03/07/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
new - New York City Housing Dev Corp Multi Family Housing Bonds (Multiple) New York$144MM03/29/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Million Air Two LLC Gen Aviation Project Revs Texas$145MM03/07/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Truckee Meadows NV Water Auth Revs Nevada$148MM03/09/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Million Air Township LLC General Aviation Fac Project Revs Texas$149MM03/13/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Million Air Township LLC General Aviation Fac Project Sspecial Fac Revs New York$149MM03/20/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
City of Good Year AZ Estrella Mountain Ranch CFD GO Bonds Arizona$14MM02/28/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Fairview Park City SD OH COPs Ohio$14MM03/02/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Palmyra Area SD Lebanon Co PA GO Bonds Pennsylvania$14MM02/28/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Barren Co SD KY Fin Corp Revs Kentucky$14MM03/07/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
Oconee Co SC SD GO ULT South Carolina$14MM03/14/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
Oklahoma City OK Env Assist Revs Oklahoma$14MM03/14/2017CompetitiveBoth
Smithville R-11 SD of Clay Co MO COPs Missouri$14MM03/13/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
RI Health and Ed Building Corp Pub School Revs Rhode Island$14MM03/22/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Thomas Co KS GO ULT Kansas$14MM03/20/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
new - Albany Co Airport Auth Revs NY (AMT and Non AMT) New York$14MM03/30/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
new - McGuffey Area SD PA GO Bonds (AGM) Pennsylvania$14MM03/29/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
new - Scarsdale NY UN FSD (ST AID WITHHLDG) New York$14MM03/30/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
Antelope Valley CCD Los Angeles CA Election of 2016 GO California$150MM03/16/2017NegotiatedBoth
new - Allina Health System MN Bonds (Taxable) (CORPORATE CUSIP) Minnesota$150MM03/30/2017NegotiatedTaxable
San Francisco CA Successor Agency (Multiple) California$152MM03/09/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
San Jose CA Airport Revs California$154MM03/20/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
S/O NY Housing Fin Agency Affordable Housing Revs (Green Bonds) New York$155MM03/09/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
City of Kansas City MO Special Ob Bonds Missouri$157MM03/08/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Portland ME GO LT Maine$15MM02/28/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
City of Venice FL GO Bonds (Pub Safety Improv) Florida$15MM02/28/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Avondale Elementary SD No. 44 AZ Refunding Bonds Arizona$15MM03/09/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Clark Township NJ GO ULT New Jersey$15MM03/07/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
Oak Park CA USD GO ULT California$15MM03/09/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
Warwick SD Lancaster Co PA GO Bonds Pennsylvania$15MM03/08/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Pasadena CA Water Revs California$15MM03/13/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt