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Municipal Bond Calendar

Bond Calendar

How can MuniNet Guide’s Municipal Bond Calendar help you?

MuniNet Guide’s municipal bond calendar (see below) provides the latest issues of municipal bonds, courtesy of Mesirow Financial. Municipal Bonds are a form of debt issued by state and local governments to finance various purposes. State, county,

Quick Hits – Week of 05/30/2016 (see calendar below):

– Largest issue: Duke Univ Health System – $600 Million

– Stats: 26 Competitive Issues; 56 Negotiated Issues; Total Activity = $5.6 Billion

and local general governments can issue bonds, as can special districts like trmunicipal bond calendaransit authorities and school districts. They are traditionally associated with funding infrastructure projects like bridges and waterworks with heavy upfront costs. Bonds can also be issued to raise capital to pay off old debt that was issued at a higher interest rate, similar to how households may refinance their mortgage in a time of low rates.

Whatever the purposes, purchases of municipal bonds are often available to the public and information is publicly listed. Our municipal bond calendar provides a listing of new issues scheduled for the current week, and any others within the past 30 days.  We let you know the scheduled sale date, the amount being offered, whether the issue is competitive or negotiated, and its tax-exempt status. You can sort each column to help you find a specific issue more quickly.

MuniNet adds value to our calendar listing by allowing you to click on the state in which the issuing entity exists, providing you with a state demographics page. Clicking on the issue itself takes you to that entity’s website if it a special district, or its MuniNet demographics page if it is a state, county, or city. Our state pages also include links the official government website. Find out more information regarding municipal bonds and coverage of recent events in the muni bond market by visiting our Municipal Bonds page.

Municipal Bonds

Bond IssuerStateAmountSale DateCompetitive / NegotiatiedTax-Exempt / Taxable / Both
Chaffey Joint Union HSD CA GO Bonds California$100MM05/24/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Northside ISD TX School Building Bonds (Variable Rate ULT Tax) Texas$100MM05/23/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
VA Housing Dev Auth Commonwealth Mortgage Bonds (Taxable) Virginia$100MM05/23/2017NegotiatedTaxable
Franklin Co TN Health and Edu Fac Revs (Proton Therapy Center Nashville) Tennessee$106MM05/15/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Eastern Muni Water Dist Fin Auth CA Water and Wastewater Revs California$107MM05/04/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
New Castle DE GO ULT Delaware$107MM05/03/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
Los Angeles CA USD GO Refunding Bonds (Dedicated ULT Ad Valorem Property Tax) California$1089MM05/16/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Ingham Co MI Building Auth Revs Michigan$10MM05/04/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
New Hampton CSD IA GO ULT (BQ) Iowa$10MM05/01/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
Northcentral Tech College Dist WI GO ULT Wisconsin$10MM05/01/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
N Brunswick NJ GO Bonds New Jersey$10MM05/10/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Plato MN Health Care Fac Revs (Glencoe Regional Health Services Project) Minnesota$10MM05/09/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Richland Co SC SD #2 GO ULT (ST INTERCEPT) South Carolina$10MM05/09/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
Ritzville SD #160-67 WA Bonds Washington$10MM05/10/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Somerset ISD TX ULT Tax School Building Bonds (PSF-GTD) (BQ) Texas$10MM05/08/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Plumas USD CA GO Bonds California$10MM05/17/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Riverside Co CA CFD No. 2007-2 Special Tax Clinton Keith Revs California$10MM05/17/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Summit Co UT Sales Tax Revs Utah$10MM05/17/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
Cheektowaga-Maryvale Union Free SD NY GO Bonds New York$10MM05/24/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
City of Jasper AL GO Warrants Alabama$10MM05/23/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Clinton IA GO ULT Iowa$10MM05/23/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
Pend Oreille Co Pub Hosp Dist No. 1 WA GO ULT Bonds Washington$10MM05/23/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Valley Park SD MO GO Bonds Missouri$10MM05/24/2017NegotiatedBoth
new - Cedar Hill ISD TX ULT Tax Refunding Bonds Texas$10MM06/01/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
new - City of Schenectady NY GO Bonds New York$10MM05/31/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Franklin Co Health and Ed TN Fac Board Revs (Provision Cares Proton Therapy Center) Tennessee$111MM05/01/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Fort Worth TX Water and Sewer System Revs Texas$111MM05/23/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
Regents of the Univ of California Revs California$1134MM05/04/2017NegotiatedBoth
Tulsa OK Pub Fac Auth Revs Oklahoma$115MM05/17/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
City of Los Angeles CA Wastewater System Subordinate Revs (Taxable) (Green Bonds) California$116MM05/10/2017NegotiatedTaxable
Maple Grove MN Healthcare Refunding Revs (Maple Grove Hosp) Minnesota$119MM05/04/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Denton TX GO LT Certificates of Oblig Texas$119MM05/09/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
Lawrence KS Energy Impt GO ULT Kansas$11MM05/02/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
Mesquite TX Certificates of Oblig Texas$11MM05/01/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Lemoore HSD CA GO Bonds California$11MM05/11/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Florence Co SC SD #1 GO ULT South Carolina$11MM05/16/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
Owen Co KY SD Fin Corp Revs Kentucky$11MM05/17/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
Wilmington OH Waterworks System Revs Ohio$11MM05/18/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Harris Co TX Fresh Water Dist #61 GO ULT Texas$11MM05/24/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
N Pike Consol SD MS GO ULT Mississippi$11MM05/23/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
Seaside Heights Boro NJ GO ULT New Jersey$11MM05/23/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
Stafford Co VA Pub Impt GO ULT Virginia$11MM05/24/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
Wilmington OH Waterworks System Refunding Revs Ohio$11MM05/22/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
new - Konocti USD CA Bonds (BAM) California$11MM05/31/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
new - Village of Hampshire Special Service Area #14 Kane Co IL Special Tax Bonds (BAM) Illinois$11MM05/31/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
new - Yorkshire-Pioneer CSD NY GO Bonds New York$11MM06/01/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Sacramento City USD CA GO Bonds California$122MM05/11/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Mesa Utility AZ System Revs Arizona$123MM05/03/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
Riverside USD CA GO Bonds California$125MM05/04/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Hayward Area Rec and Park Dist CA GO Bonds California$125MM05/11/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Lodi SD WI GO ULT Wisconsin$12MM05/08/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
Northeast WI Tech College Dist GO ULT Wisconsin$12MM05/10/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
UT Housing Corp TE MBS Securities TEMS Utah$12MM05/09/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Eagle River Water and Sanitation Dist CO Enterprise Water Revs (AGM) Colorado$12MM05/17/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
new - Mesquite TX ISD ULT Tax Refunding Bonds (PSF-GTD) Texas$12MM05/31/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
new - Tulsa Co IDA OK (Glenpool) Bonds Oklahoma$12MM05/31/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
IL Fin Auth Revs (Ann & Robert H Lurie Childrens Hosp of Chicago) Illinois$133MM05/10/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
new - Northampton Co PA General Purpose Auth College Revs (Lafayette College) Pennsylvania$134MM06/01/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Evesham Township NJ GO ULT New Jersey$13MM05/02/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
Robbinsdale Area MN ISD GO ULT Minnesota$13MM05/01/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
Alameda Community Improv Commission CA Tax Allocation Refunding (Taxable) California$13MM05/11/2017NegotiatedTaxable
Elyria OH Limited Tax GO Bonds Ohio$13MM05/11/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Beaumont USD CA GO Bonds California$13MM05/16/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Granite Falls SD #332 WA GO Bonds (WA SCH BD GUARANTEE) Washington$13MM05/18/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
new - Buena Park CA SD GO Bonds California$13MM05/31/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
new - Springfield OR Bonds Oregon$13MM05/31/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Canadian Co OK Edu Fac Auth Revs Oklahoma$140MM05/01/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Canadian County Edu Fac Auth OK Revs Oklahoma$140MM05/09/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
SD Housing Dev Auth Homeownership Mortgage Bonds (Taxable/Non AMT/AMT) South Dakota$140MM05/16/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Milwaukee WI GO ULT Wisconsin$148MM05/04/2017CompetitiveBoth
new - Clark Co NV Airport System Junior Subordinate Lien Revs (AMT) Nevada$148MM05/31/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
CO Edu and Cultural Fac Auth (Univ of Denver) Revs Colorado$149MM05/18/2017NegotiatedBoth
Brazoria-Fort Bend Co TX MUD GO ULT Texas$14MM05/04/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
Mesquite TX Waterworks and Sewer System Bonds Texas$14MM05/01/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
N Merrick UFSD NY GO ULT (ST AID WITHHLDG) New York$14MM05/03/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
MA Dev Fin Agency Revs (College of the Holy Cross) Massachusetts$14MM05/11/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Nevada CA Joint Union HSD GO ULT California$14MM05/10/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
City of Newburgh NY Pub Improv Refunding Bonds New York$14MM05/17/2017NegotiatedBoth
Denver Pub Schools CO #1 COPs Colorado$14MM05/17/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
The Canyons Met Dist #60 CO Bonds Colorado$14MM05/16/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Woodbury NJ GO ULT New Jersey$14MM05/23/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
new - Setauket Fire DT NY GO ULT New York$14MM06/01/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
new - VA Hsg Dev Auth Revs Virginia$14MM05/31/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
new - Warren Co NY GO LT New York$14MM06/01/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
Clark Co NV Highway Revs (Indexed Fuel Tax and Sub Motor Vehicle Tax) Nevada$150MM05/23/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Million Air Two LLC General Aviation Facilities Project Spec Fac Revs Westchester Co Texas$151MM05/02/2017NegotiatedTaxable
Monroe Co IDC NY Rochester General Hospital Project Revs New York$152MM05/10/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
new - Houston ISD TX Variable Rate Limited Tax Schoolhouse Bonds Texas$155MM05/30/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Township of W Deptford NJ GO Bonds New Jersey$15MM05/03/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
ID Housing and Fin Association TE MBS Securities Idaho$15MM05/09/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Weslaco ISD TX Limited Maintenance Tax Notes Texas$15MM05/08/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Lawrence IN Township Bonds Indiana$15MM05/18/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
Murray KY ISD Fin Corp Revs (SEEK ST INTERCEPT) Kentucky$15MM05/16/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
Lehigh Co PA Water Auth Revs Pennsylvania$15MM05/23/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
new - ABAG Fin Auth for Nonprofits Corp CA Refunding Revs (Windemere Ranch Infra Prog) California$15MM05/31/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
new - Galt Joint Union HSD CA GO Bonds California$15MM05/31/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
new - Kendall Central NY SD GO ULT (ST AID WITHHLDG) New York$15MM06/01/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
new - Red River Auth TX Utility System Revs (NATL) Texas$15MM05/31/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
new - MA Edu Fin Auth Edu Loan Revs (AMT) Senior Series and Subordinate Bonds Massachusetts$162MM06/01/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
new - CO High Performance Trans Enterprise C-470 Express Lanes Senior Revs Colorado$165MM06/01/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt