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Municipal Bond Calendar

Bond Calendar

How can MuniNet Guide’s Municipal Bond Calendar help you?

MuniNet Guide’s municipal bond calendar (see below) provides the latest issues of municipal bonds, courtesy of Mesirow Financial. Municipal Bonds are a form of debt issued by state and local governments to finance various purposes. State, county,

Quick Hits – Week of 02/20/2016 (see calendar below):

– Largest issue: Alabama State Port Authority – $281 Million

– Stats: 25 Competitive Issues; 38 Negotiated Issues; Total Activity = $3.9 Billion


and local general governments can issue bonds, as can special districts like trmunicipal bond calendaransit authorities and school districts. They are traditionally associated with funding infrastructure projects like bridges and waterworks with heavy upfront costs. Bonds can also be issued to raise capital to pay off old debt that was issued at a higher interest rate, similar to how households may refinance their mortgage in a time of low rates.

Whatever the purposes, purchases of municipal bonds are often available to the public and information is publicly listed. Our municipal bond calendar provides a listing of new issues scheduled for the current week, and any others within the past 30 days.  We let you know the scheduled sale date, the amount being offered, whether the issue is competitive or negotiated, and its tax-exempt status. You can sort each column to help you find a specific issue more quickly.

MuniNet adds value to our calendar listing by allowing you to click on the state in which the issuing entity exists, providing you with a state demographics page. Clicking on the issue itself takes you to that entity’s website if it a special district, or its MuniNet demographics page if it is a state, county, or city. Our state pages also include links the official government website. Find out more information regarding municipal bonds and coverage of recent events in the muni bond market by visiting our Municipal Bonds page.

Municipal Bonds

Bond IssuerStateAmountSale DateCompetitive / NegotiatiedTax-Exempt / Taxable / Both
City of Galveston TX Combination Tax and Rev Ceritificates of Ob Texas$31MM01/25/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Novi Community School MI Oakland Co Bonds Michigan$36MM01/25/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
City of Mobile AL GO Warrants Alabama$71MM01/25/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Portsmouth Township RI GO ULT Rhode Island$12MM01/25/2017CompetitiveBoth
City of Redding CA Electric System Refunding Revs California$56MM01/25/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Filer SD No 413 Twin Falls Co ID GO Refunding Idaho$11MM01/25/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Rock Valley College IL GO ULT Illinois$22MM01/25/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Sherwood SD No 88J GO (Multiple) Oregon$115MM01/25/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Kent SD WA #415 GO ULT (SCH BD GTY) Washington$71MM01/25/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
Southwestern MI College Refunding Bonds Michigan$10MM01/25/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Lehigh General Purpose Auth PA College Revs (Muhlenberg College Project) Pennsylvania$19MM01/25/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
TX PFA Cancer Prevention Research Institute Project Refunding Bonds (Taxable) Texas$270MM01/25/2017NegotiatedTaxable
Livingston ISD TX GO ULT (PSF-GTD) Texas$39MM01/25/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
AZ IDA Edu Revs (Basis Schools Project) Arizona$108MM01/25/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Med Center GA Hosp Auth Revs Anticipation Certificates (Columbus Regional Healthcare System) Georgia$105MM01/25/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Monrovia Fin Auth CA Lease Revs Refunding Bonds California$13MM01/26/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Regional Trans Dist Sales Tax Revs CO Fastracks Bonds Colorado$82MM01/26/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Fin Auth of ME Casella Waste Systems Inc Project-Solid Waste Disposal Revs Maine$25MM01/26/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Armada Area Schools MI Refunding Bonds Michigan$22MM01/26/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Mayor and City Council of Baltimore MD Water and Wastewater Revs Maryland$486MM01/26/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Brock ISD TX GO ULT (PSF-GTD) Texas$18MM01/26/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
CA Bay Area Toll Auth San Fran Bay Area Revs and Subordinate Bonds California$450MM01/26/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
IL Housing Dev Auth Bonds (Taxable) Illinois$24MM01/30/2017NegotiatedTaxable
CCD No. 510 IL GO Limited Tax College Bonds Illinois$10MM01/30/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
City of Calumet City IL GO Bonds Illinois$6MM01/30/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Putnam Co TN GO ULT Tennessee$45MM01/30/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
Richmond Co BOE GA GO ULT (ST AID WITHHLDG) Georgia$131MM01/30/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Lockport SD IL #205 GO Illinois$8MM01/30/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
Dewitt Pub Schools MI Clinton Co School Building and Site Bonds (Q-SBLF) Michigan$25MM01/30/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Bay Area Toll CA Auth Revs California$396MM01/30/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Everman ISD TX Unlimited Tax Refunding Bonds (PSF-GTD) Texas$33MM01/30/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Salt Lake UT Airport Revs Utah$951MM01/30/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Niskayuna NY GO LT New York$16MM01/31/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
CA Statewide Communities Dev Auth Multifamily Housing Revs California$16MM01/31/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Campbell USD CA GO ULT California$28MM01/31/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
NYC Muni Water Fin Auth Water and Sewer System General Resolution Revs New York$330MM01/31/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
JEA FL Electric System Revs Florida$91MM01/31/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
City of Royal Oak MI Taxable Limited GO Bonds Michigan$126MM01/31/2017NegotiatedTaxable
City of San Antonio TX Water System Junior Lien Revs Texas$90MM01/31/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Univ of CO Hosp Auth Revs (PUTs) Colorado$300MM01/31/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
VIA TX Metropolitan Trans Auth Contractual Obligations Texas$82MM01/31/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Roseville Joint Union HSD CA GO Bonds (Multiple) California$60MM01/31/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
DC Water and Sewer Auth Pub Util Senior Lien Revs District of Columbia$300MM01/31/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Rowan Co KY SD Fin Corp Revs Kentucky$10MM01/31/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
MD Univ System Revs Maryland$167MM01/31/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
N Clackamas SD No. 12 OR GO Bonds (Multiple) Oregon$322MM01/31/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Board of Regents of TX Tech Univ System Revs Texas$395MM01/31/2017NegotiatedBoth
Folsom Cordova USD Sacramento Co CA GO Refunding Bonds (AGM) California$35MM01/31/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Fremont Unif SD CA (Multiple) California$27MM02/01/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
North Middlesex MA Regional SD GO LT Massachusetts$25MM02/01/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
State Pub School Building Auth PA School Lease Revs (Lehigh Career and Tech Institute Proj) Pennsylvania$46MM02/01/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Successor Agency to the Redev of the City of Tulare CA Tax Allocation Refunding Bonds (Taxable) California$12MM02/01/2017NegotiatedTaxable
OK Turnpike Auth System Revs Oklahoma$478MM02/01/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
KY Interlocal School Transport COPs (SEEK ST INTERCEPT) Kentucky$19MM02/01/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
City of Tipp City OH Various Purpose LT GO Refunding BAN Ohio$10MM02/01/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Aldine ISD TX ULT Tax Refunding Bonds (PSF-GTD) Texas$124MM02/01/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
S Windsor CT GO ULT Connecticut$11MM02/01/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
SD of Brevard Co FL Refunding COPs Florida$52MM02/02/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Imperial USD CA GO Bonds California$26MM02/02/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Town of Oak Island NC Enterprise System Refunding Revs North Carolina$32MM02/02/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Trust for Cultural Resources of the Onondaga NY Revs (Abby Lane Housing Corp Proj) New York$31MM02/02/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Lancaster Co PA Hosp Auth Health Center Revs (Masonic Villages Proj) Pennsylvania$28MM02/02/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
RNR School Fin Auth CA Special Tax Bonds California$30MM02/02/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
West Hartford CT GO ULT Connecticut$17MM02/02/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
Manatee Co FL SD Sales Tax Revs Florida$132MM02/02/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Westminster SD Orange Co CA GO Bonds California$18MM02/02/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Wyandotte Co KS Unif Govt GO ULT Kansas$40MM02/02/2017CompetitiveBoth
City of Redding CA Electric System Revs California$56MM02/06/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Kane & DuPage Co IL Community SD #303 GO LT Illinois$18MM02/06/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
Town of Normal IL GO ULT (Series B) Illinois$9MM02/06/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Kirkwood MO Industrial Dev Auth Revs (Retirement Community – Aberdeen Heights) Missouri$126MM02/06/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Columbia Co GA Georgia$60MM02/06/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Tulsa County OK ISD #1 GO ULT Oklahoma$35MM02/06/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
Deerfield IL GO ULT Illinois$5MM02/06/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
Linn Mar IA Community SD GO ULT Iowa$16MM02/06/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
Westchester Co NY Industrial Dev Revs (Million Air Two LLC General Aviation Fac Proj) New York$75MM02/06/2017NegotiatedBoth
MD Health and Higher Ed Fac Auth Revs (Doctors Community Hosp Issue) Maryland$63MM02/06/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
IL Housing Dev Auth FHA Risk-Sharing Insured Pass Through Illinois$26MM02/06/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
City of Reading PA GO Bonds Pennsylvania$24MM02/06/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Pittsburgh Urban Redev Auth PA Taxable Revs Pennsylvania$12MM02/06/2017NegotiatedTaxable
Azle ISD TX Unlimited Tax School Building Bonds (PSF-GTD) Texas$54MM02/06/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Morristown TN GO ULT Tennessee$10MM02/07/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
Ellensburg WA SD #401 GO ULT Bonds Washington$13MM02/07/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Bassett USD CA GO Bonds California$21MM02/07/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Sweetwater Union HSD 2017 Refunding COPs California$35MM02/07/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Encinitas CA Pub Fin Auth Revs California$12MM02/07/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
Co Board of Ed of Richmond Co GA General Sales Tax Bonds Georgia$132MM02/07/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
OH State Univ General Receipts Bonds Ohio$148MM02/07/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
CA Statewide Communities Dev Auth Multifamily Housing Revs (Casa Ramon Apts) California$16MM02/07/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
S/O NV Highway Improv Revs Nevada$159MM02/07/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
Campbell Union HSD Santa Clara Co CA GO Bonds California$78MM02/07/2017NegotiatedBoth
Lee County NC GO ULT North Carolina$23MM02/07/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
Great Falls SD #1 Cascade Co MT Montana$59MM02/07/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
S/O OR GO (Multiple) Oregon$537MM02/07/2017NegotiatedBoth
UT Housing Corp Mortgage-Backed Securities (TEMS) Utah$35MM02/07/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Dekalb Co GA SD GO ULT (ST AID WITHHLDG) Georgia$132MM02/07/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
Health and Ed Fac Auth of the State of MO Edu Fac Revs (St. Louis Univ) Missouri$71MM02/07/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Cedar Falls IA Community SD GO ULT Iowa$32MM02/07/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
Mayfield SD OH COPs Ohio$20MM02/07/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Phoenix Union HSD No. 210 of Maricopa Co AZ School Improv Bonds Arizona$45MM02/07/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt