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Municipal Bond Calendar

Bond Calendar

How can MuniNet Guide’s Municipal Bond Calendar help you?

MuniNet Guide’s municipal bond calendar (see below) provides the latest issues of municipal bonds, courtesy of Mesirow Financial. Municipal Bonds are a form of debt issued by state and local governments to finance various purposes. State, county,

Quick Hits – Week of 07/17/2017 (see calendar below):

– Largest issue: Dormitory Authority of the State of New York Sales Tax Revenue Bonds – $1.3 billion

– Stats: 27 Competitive Issues; 56 Negotiated Issues; Total Activity = $8.0 billion

and local general governments can issue bonds, as can special districts like trmunicipal bond calendaransit authorities and school districts. They are traditionally associated with funding infrastructure projects like bridges and waterworks with heavy upfront costs. Bonds can also be issued to raise capital to pay off old debt that was issued at a higher interest rate, similar to how households may refinance their mortgage in a time of low rates.

Whatever the purposes, purchases of municipal bonds are often available to the public and information is publicly listed. Our municipal bond calendar provides a listing of new issues scheduled for the current week, and any others within the past 30 days.  We let you know the scheduled sale date, the amount being offered, whether the issue is competitive or negotiated, and its tax-exempt status. You can sort each column to help you find a specific issue more quickly.

MuniNet adds value to our calendar listing by allowing you to click on the state in which the issuing entity exists, providing you with a state demographics page. Clicking on the issue itself takes you to that entity’s website if it a special district, or its MuniNet demographics page if it is a state, county, or city. Our state pages also include links the official government website. Find out more information regarding municipal bonds and coverage of recent events in the muni bond market by visiting our Municipal Bonds page.

Municipal Bonds

Bond IssuerStateAmountSale DateCompetitive / NegotiatiedTax-Exempt / Taxable / Both
Abilene TX GO Bonds Texas$15MM06/21/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
new - AK Housing Fin Corp Revs Alaska$142MM07/19/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
AL Fed Aid Highway Fin Auth Special Ob Revs Refunding Bonds Alabama$551MM06/20/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
AL Housing Fin Auth Multi-Family Housing Revs (Summit Ridge Apartments) Alabama$11MM06/26/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Alamo Heights ISD TX GO ULT (PST-GTD) Texas$15MM06/27/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
Aldine ISD TX ULT Tax School Building and Refunding Bonds (PSF-GTD) Texas$378MM07/11/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Allen TX Collin Co GO Bonds Texas$11MM06/27/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Allentown PA Neighborhood Improv Zone Dev Auth Tax Revs (City Center Refunding Proj) Pennsylvania$222MM06/28/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Augusta Urban Redev Agency GA Revs Georgia$12MM07/11/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
AZ IDA Edu Revs (Academies of Math and Science Projects) Arizona$32MM06/22/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
AZ IDA Edu Revs (Greathearts AZ Projects) Arizona$34MM06/27/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Barbers Hill ISD TX ULT Tax School Building Bonds Texas$50MM07/11/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Barbers Hills ISD TX ULT Tax School Building Bonds (PSF-GTD) Texas$49MM06/29/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Beaufort CO SC GO ULT (SCSDE) South Carolina$28MM06/29/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
new - Beaufort Co SC GO ULT (ST AID WITHHLDG) South Carolina$51MM07/20/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
Bismarck Pub SD #1 ND GO ULT North Dakota$32MM07/10/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
new - Blytheville AR SD #5 GO LT (ST AID WITHHLDG) Arkansas$10MM07/18/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
Board of Regents of the Univ of OK Health Sciences Center General Revs (Taxable) Oklahoma$46MM07/11/2017NegotiatedTaxable
Borger ISD TX ULT Tax School Building Bonds (PSF-GTD) Texas$36MM07/12/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Borough of Pitman NJ GO New Jersey$4MM06/28/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
Bowling Green State OH Univ Revs Ohio$75MM07/10/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Bozeman HSD #7 MT GO ULT Montana$100MM07/13/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
new - Brooklyn City SD OH School Improv Refunding Bonds Ohio$25MM07/19/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Broomfield City and Co CO Refunding COPs Colorado$46MM06/22/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Bryant AR SD #25 GO LT (ST AID WITHHLDG) Arkansas$41MM06/22/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
Buffalo and Erie Co NY Industrial Land Dev Corp (The Charter School for Applied Technologies) New York$24MM06/26/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Burleson ISD TX GO ULT (PSF-GTD) Texas$54MM06/27/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
new - Burleson TX GO LT Texas$12MM07/17/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
new - CA Edu Fac Auth Revs (Santa Clara Univ) California$122MM07/20/2017NegotiatedBoth
CA Edu Notes Program Tax and Rev Anticipation Notes California$16MM06/27/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
CA Housing Fin Agency Home Mortgage Revs California$278MM06/20/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
CA Pub Fin Auth Multifamily Housing Revs (Sycamore Court Apartment) California$14MM06/20/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
CA School Fin Auth School Fac Revs (Esuela Popular) California$22MM07/12/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Cabot AR SD #4 GO LT (ST AID WITHHLDG) Arkansas$19MM06/20/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
new - Calvert Co MD GO ULT Maryland$26MM07/18/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
Capital Trust Agency FL Revs (Tapestry Walden Proj) Florida$25MM06/27/2017NegotiatedBoth
CFD No. 2006-1 (Lytle Creek North) IA No. 2 Special Tax Refunding CA Bonds California$6MM07/06/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
new - Charter School MN Lease Revs (Spero Academy) Minnesota$17MM07/19/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Cheektowaga Sloan UN FSD NY GO ULT (ST AID WITHHLDG) New York$14MM07/11/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
Chelmsford Town MA GO LT Massachusetts$10MM06/23/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
Chenango Valley CSD NY BANs New York$10MM06/29/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
Chester Co PA Health and Ed Fac Auth Revs (Main Line Health System) Pennsylvania$105MM06/20/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Chicago Trans Authority IL Capital Grant Receipts Revs Illinois$230MM07/12/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Chisago Lakes ISD MN #2144 GO ULT (SD CRED PROG) Minnesota$62MM07/13/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
City of Abilene TX Certificates of Ob Texas$21MM06/21/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
City of Atlanta and Fulton Co Rec Auth GA Revs (Zoo Atlanta Parking Fac) Georgia$30MM07/12/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
City of Brawley CA Taxable Pension Ob Bonds California$17MM07/12/2017NegotiatedTaxable
new - City of Carmel IN Bond Bank Special Program Revs (Taxable) Indiana$7MM07/18/2017NegotiatedTaxable
City of Chicago IL O’Hare International Airport Revs (AMT and Non-AMT) Illinois$825MM06/20/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
City of Dallas TX Waterworks and Sewer System Revs Texas$168MM07/11/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
new - City of Dublin OH Various Purpose Limited Tax GO Ohio$31MM07/19/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
City of Easton PA GO Bonds (AGM) Pennsylvania$14MM07/12/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
City of Fort Worth TX Special Tax Revs Texas$227MM06/20/2017NegotiatedBoth
City of Glendale AZ Subordinate Excise Tax Revs Arizona$65MM06/22/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
City of Grand Forks ND Altru Health System Obligated Group Revs North Dakota$58MM06/26/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
City of Houston TX TANs Texas$200MM06/28/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
City of Huntsville AL Electric Rev Warrants Alabama$80MM07/12/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
City of Jersey City in Hudson Co NJ GO Refunding Bonds New Jersey$70MM06/28/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
new - City of Las Vegas NV Special Improv Dist No. 813 (Reverence) Nevada$11MM07/20/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
City of Los Angeles CA Multifamily Housing Revs (Gilbert Lindsay Apts) California$11MM07/10/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
City of Newark NJ Housing Auth Port Authority-Port Newark Marine Terminal Additional (Redev Project Revs) New Jersey$58MM06/20/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
City of Philadelphia PA GO Bonds Pennsylvania$348MM07/11/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
new - City of Richmond CA Wastewater Revs California$35MM07/18/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
City of Sacramento CA Natomas Meadows CFD No. 2007-01 Special Tax Bonds California$12MM07/12/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
City of St. Louis MO Tax and Revenue Anticipation Notes Payable From the General Revs Missouri$66MM06/21/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
City of Venice FL GO Bonds (Transportation Improv) Florida$16MM07/11/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
City of Verona WI GO Wisconsin$3MM06/26/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
City of Wilkes-Barre PA GO Bonds Pennsylvania$40MM07/10/2017NegotiatedBoth
City of Winchester VA GO Pub Improv Bonds Virginia$17MM06/28/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Clark Co NV Impt Dist #158 Special Assessment (ERP) Nevada$13MM06/20/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
CO Crossing Met Dist Revs Colorado$14MM06/29/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
CO Housing and Fin Auth Federally Taxable Single Family Mortgage Bonds Colorado$62MM06/27/2017NegotiatedTaxable
Comal ISD TX ULT Tax School Building Bonds (PSF-GTD) Texas$263MM06/28/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
new - Comanche Co OK Bonds Oklahoma$26MM07/18/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
new - Commonwealth of MA GO Bonds (Multi Modal Bonds) Massachusetts$200MM07/19/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Commonwealth of MA GO LT Consolidated Loan Massachusetts$784MM06/20/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
Community Dev Auth of the Village of Weston WI (Marathon Co) Community Dev Lease Revs Wisconsin$19MM06/20/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Coon Rapids MN Special Assessment Minnesota$10MM06/20/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
Corinth TX GO LT Texas$18MM07/06/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
Crook Co OR GO ULT Oregon$10MM07/11/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
new - CTA IL Capital Grants Receipts Revs Illinois$230MM07/18/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
new - Cumberland Co NC Limited Ob Bonds North Carolina$22MM07/17/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Cumberland MD GO Bonds Maryland$15MM06/20/2017NegotiatedBoth
CUSD No. 1 Grundy and Will Co IL GO Refunding Bonds Illinois$19MM07/13/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Danbury CT GO ULT Connecticut$18MM07/11/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
DASNY PITs Revs (General Purpose Bonds) New York$1721MM06/28/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Dauphin Co PA General Authority Univ Revs (Harrisburg University of Science and Technology Project) Pennsylvania$56MM07/11/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
new - Decatur GA Pub Fac Auth Revs Georgia$29MM07/17/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
DeKalb Co IL GO ULT Illinois$32MM06/21/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
Denton Co TX GO LT Texas$77MM07/06/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
new - Dickinson ISD TX (Galveston Co) Variable Rate ULT Tax Bonds Texas$27MM07/18/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
new - Dixon CA USD COPs Restructuring California$10MM07/20/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Dixon USD CA COP Restructuring Prog Bonds California$10MM06/29/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Dixon USD CA COPs California$10MM07/12/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
new - Dobbs Ferry NY UFSD GO ULT (ST AID WITHHLDG) New York$14MM07/18/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
Downingtown Area SD Chester Co PA GO Bonds Pennsylvania$16MM06/20/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Duanesburg CSD NY BANs New York$14MM06/28/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
DuPage and Cook Co #181 IL GO ULT (Hinsdale) Illinois$41MM06/26/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
DuPage Co IL SD #41 GO ULT (Glen Ellyn) Illinois$23MM06/26/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
East Central ISD TX GO ULT (PSF-GTD) Texas$43MM06/22/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt