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Municipal Bond Calendar

Bond Calendar

How can MuniNet Guide’s Municipal Bond Calendar help you?

MuniNet Guide’s municipal bond calendar (see below) provides the latest issues of municipal bonds, courtesy of Mesirow Financial and MSRB’s EMMA (Electronic Municipal Market Access). Municipal Bonds are a form of debt issued by state and local governments to finance various purposes. State, county,

Quick Hits – Week of 08/14/2017 (see calendar below):

– Largest issue: State of Maryland General Obligation Bonds – $1.3 billion

– Stats: 17 Competitive Issues; 65 Negotiated Issues; Total Activity = $6.2 billion

and local general governments can issue bonds, as can special districts like trmunicipal bond calendaransit authorities and school districts. They are traditionally associated with funding infrastructure projects like bridges and waterworks with heavy upfront costs. Bonds can also be issued to raise capital to pay off old debt that was issued at a higher interest rate, similar to how households may refinance their mortgage in a time of low rates.

Whatever the purposes, purchases of municipal bonds are often available to the public and information is publicly listed. Our municipal bond calendar provides a listing of new issues scheduled for the current week, and any others within the past 30 days.  We let you know the scheduled sale date, the amount being offered, whether the issue is competitive or negotiated, and its tax-exempt status. You can sort each column to help you find a specific issue more quickly.

MuniNet adds value to our calendar listing by allowing you to click on the state in which the issuing entity exists, providing you with a state demographics page. Clicking on the issue itself takes you to that entity’s website if it a special district, or its MuniNet demographics page if it is a state, county, or city. Our state pages also include links the official government website. Find out more information regarding municipal bonds and coverage of recent events in the muni bond market by visiting our Municipal Bonds page.

Municipal Bonds

Bond IssuerStateAmountSale DateCompetitive / NegotiatiedTax-Exempt / Taxable / Both
new - The Utilities Board of the City of Opelika AL Utility Revs Alabama$22MM08/17/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
new - Univ of AL Board of Ed Revs Alabama$198MM08/15/2017$174MMBoth
CA Edu Fac Auth Revs (Santa Clara Univ) California$122MM07/20/2017NegotiatedBoth
Dixon CA USD COPs Restructuring California$10MM07/20/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Marin Muni Water Dist CA Revs California$35MM07/20/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Centinela Valley Union HSD CA GO Bonds California$55MM07/27/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
City of Clovis CA Wastewater Revs California$52MM07/27/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Dixon USD CA COPs Restructuring California$10MM07/26/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Jefferson Elementary School Dist CA GO Refunding Bonds California$16MM07/25/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Jefferson Elementary SD CA Election of 2012 GO Bonds California$15MM07/25/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Liberty Union HSD CA GO Bonds California$60MM07/26/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Lynwood USD CA GO Bonds (BAM) California$25MM07/25/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Merced Irrigation District Fin Auth CA Electric System Revs California$20MM07/26/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
W Sacramento CFD No. 27 CA Special Tax Revs California$13MM07/27/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
CA BATA Toll Bridge Revs (Senior Bonds) California$550MM08/01/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
CA BATA Toll Bridge Revs (Subordinate Bonds) California$550MM08/01/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
CA Health Fac Fin Auth Revs (Lucile Salter Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford) California$200MM08/03/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
CA Statewide Communities Dev Auth Front Porch Communities and Services Revs California$98MM08/02/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Contra Costa Water Dist CA Water Revs California$33MM08/02/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Del Mar Union SD CA Special Tax Refunding Bonds California$13MM08/01/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Newport Mesa CA USD GO ULT California$27MM08/01/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
Norwalk La Mirada USD CA Election of 2014 GO Bonds California$63MM08/03/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
S/O CA Dept of Water Resources Central Valley Proj Water System Revs (Index Floating Rate Bonds) California$149MM08/01/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
San Joaquin Co CA COPs (AGM) California$88MM08/03/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
San Ysidro SD CA COPs (School Facilities Bridge Funding Program) California$14MM08/02/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Santa Margarita Water Dist CA CFD 99-1 Talega Special Tax Refunding Bonds California$37MM08/01/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Success Agency to the Contra Costa Co CA Redev Agency Tax Allocation Bonds California$25MM08/02/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Successor Agency to the Contra County Redev Agency CA Tax Allocation Bonds California$50MM08/02/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
CA Statewide Communities Dev Auth Student Housing Revs (Univ of CA Irving East Camp Apts) California$155MM08/10/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Dixon USD CA COP Restructuring California$10MM08/10/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Folsom Ranch Fin Auth CA Special Tax Revs California$28MM08/10/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Fremont CA GO ULT California$12MM08/10/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
Murrieta RDA Refunding Tax Allocation CA Bonds California$15MM08/09/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Murrieta RDA Tax Allocation CA Revs (Taxable) California$26MM08/09/2017NegotiatedTaxable
Oakley Union CA ESD GO ULT California$26MM08/09/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
Sanger USD CA COPs California$13MM08/08/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Santa Maria Joint Union HSD CA GO Bonds California$47MM08/08/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Soledad USD CA COPs California$12MM08/09/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Yorb Linda Resources Dev Auth CA Tax Allocation Refunding Bonds (Taxable) California$12MM08/08/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Yorba Linda Resource Dev Auth CA Tax Allocation Refunding Bonds California$16MM08/09/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
new - Atwater CA Waterworks Revs California$63MM08/16/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
new - County of Monterey CA COPs California$79MM08/15/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
new - Fontana CFD No. 80 Bella Strada CA Special Tax Revs California$14MM08/15/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
new - Highlands Redev Agency CA Subordinate Tax Allocation Refunding (Taxable) California$35MM08/17/2017NegotiatedTaxable
new - Pittsburg USD CA COPs California$19MM08/16/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
new - San Jacinto USD CA Fin Auth Special Tax Revs California$15MM08/15/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
new - School Fac Improv Dist No. 2016-1 of the Local Pub Schools Fund Auth CA Bonds California$55MM08/15/2017NegotiatedTaxable
new - Shasta-Tehama-Trinity Joint CCD CA Election of 2016 GO Bonds California$50MM08/17/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
new - Solano Co CA COPs Refunding California$74MM08/15/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
new - W Sacramento CA DFC No. 27 Special Tax Revs California$14MM08/16/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Aurora CO COPs Colorado$25MM08/01/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
Board of Trustees of the CO School of Mines Institutional Enterprise Revs Colorado$27MM08/01/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
CO Housing Fin Auth Mult-Family M-TEMs (Holly Apts Proj) Colorado$10MM08/07/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
new - CO Health Fac Auth Revs (The Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society Proj) Colorado$226MM08/17/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
new - CO Housing and Fin Auth Homeownership Class I Bonds (GNMA Securities) Colorado$50MM08/17/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
CT Housing Fin Auth Housing Mortgage Fin Bonds Connecticut$125MM07/25/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Enfield CT GO ULT Connecticut$30MM07/27/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
DC Revs Ingleside at Rock Creek Proj Convertible Subordinate Entrance Fee Bonds District of Columbia$21MM07/24/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Ingleside at Rock Creek Proj DC Revs District of Columbia$108MM07/24/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
City of Orlando FL Tourist Development Tax Refunding Revs (6th Cent Contract Payments) Florida$221MM08/03/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
FL Dev Fin Corp Waste Pro USA Inc Proj Revs (AMT) Florida$50MM07/31/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Inverness Community Redev Agency FL Tax Increment Revs Florida$11MM08/03/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
S/O FL Pub Ed Cap Outlay Florida$160MM07/31/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
The School Board of Orange Co FL COPs Florida$71MM08/01/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Capital Trust Agency FL Senior Living Fac Revs Florida$54MM08/07/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
FL Capital Trust Agency Multifamily M-TEMs (Heather Glen Apts) Florida$11MM08/08/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Miami-Dade Co FL Aviation Revs (AMT) Florida$647MM08/10/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Miami-Dade Co FL Revs Florida$73MM08/08/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
Pinellas Co SD FL COPs Florida$60MM08/09/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Solid Waste Auth of Palm Beach Co FL Refunding Revs (Taxable) Florida$86MM08/10/2017NegotiatedTaxable
GA Dev Auth of Bulloch Co Revs (GA Southern Univ Housing Proj) Georgia$51MM07/26/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Barrow Co GA SD GO ULT (ST AID WITHHLDG) Georgia$10MM08/01/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
Met Atlanta Rapids Trans GA Revs Georgia$264MM08/03/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
GA Housing and Fin Auth Single Family Mortgage Bonds Georgia$95MM08/09/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
new - Atlanta GA Dev Auth (Panther Place LLC Project of GA State Univ) Revs Georgia$55MM08/16/2017NegotiatedBoth
new - Newton Co IDA (GA State Univ Perimeter College Academic Building) Georgia$15MM08/16/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Dept of Hawaiian Home Loans COPs Hawaii$15MM07/25/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
HI Dept of Home Loans Revs Hawaii$35MM07/25/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
new - City and County of Honolulu HI GO Bonds Hawaii$411MM08/16/2017NegotiatedBoth
ID Housing Fin Auth Tax-Exempt Mortgage-Backed Security TEMs Idaho$20MM08/08/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
new - Payette Lakes Rec Water and Sewer Dist ID Revs (BAM) Idaho$19MM08/14/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
City of Calumet City IL GO Bonds (BAM) Illinois$10MM07/24/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
City of Country Club Hills Cook Co IL GO Refunding Bonds Illinois$19MM07/31/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
IL Fin Auth Rosalind Franklin Univ Revs Illinois$113MM08/02/2017NegotiatedTaxable
IL Regional Trans Auth Revs Illinois$188MM08/01/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
Lombard SD #44 IL GO Illinois$7MM08/10/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
Wauconda IL GO Illinois$7MM08/08/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
new - Cook Co IL Sales Tax Revs Illinois$165MM08/17/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
new - De Witt Co Comm College #540 IL GO Illinois$39MM08/17/2017$39MMTax-Exempt
new - Heartland Community College IL Bonds Illinois$35MM08/17/2017$35MMTax-Exempt
new - IL Fin Auth Revs (Bradley Univ Proj) Illinois$39MM08/15/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
new - Village of Elk Grove Cook and DuPage Co IL GO Bonds Illinois$53MM08/15/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Noblesville IN GO Indiana$9MM07/20/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
Bloomington IN Sewer Revs Indiana$6MM07/25/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
IN Health Fac Fin Auth Revs (Ascension Health Bonds) Indiana$63MM07/25/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
City of Jeffersonville IN Sewage Works Refunding Revs (BAM) Indiana$14MM08/03/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt
Fishers IN Sewage Works Revs Indiana$12MM08/02/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
Lake Co IN GO LT Indiana$12MM08/02/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
LaPorte IN Mult Sch Building Revs (ST INTERCEPT) Indiana$50MM08/01/2017CompetitiveTax-Exempt
new - City of Jeffersonville IN Sewage Works Refunding Revs Indiana$14MM08/16/2017NegotiatedTax-Exempt