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Mississippi Bond Calendar

Raymond James

Looking for upcoming and recent municipal bond issues? Following is a list of tax-exempt and taxable municipal bonds that will be (or recently were) issued in the primary market for Mississippi.

July 30Vicksburg7,780 July 23Meridian8,450 April 2Mississippi State University EBC99,810 February 26Mississippi Development Bank7,280 November 13, 2013Mississippi (*)159,225 October 23, 2013Jackson County (taxable)6,755 October 3, 2013Mississippi Master Lease Program27,695

Competitive Issues

Issue DateSite NameAmount
June 2Jones County7,000
April 15Oxford1,275
February 4Cleveland1,400
December 17, 2013Biloxi14,000
December 3, 2013Wayne County (taxable)5,500
November 19, 2013Southaven6,565