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– MuniNet Featured New Municipal Bond Issue – Anchorage Water/Wastewater Revenue Bonds – $169 Million – (09/19)
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– Weekly Municipal Bond Calendar – Total Activity $6.0 Billion – (09/18)
– James Spiotto – Current Remedies and Possible Legislation in IL for Fiscally Distressed Cities – (09/18)
– New ‘Know Your Cities’ Contest! (Previous Winners

Private Higher Education: Median $ Unrestricted Resources to Debt, 2009-2016, via Merritt Research Services.

The Unrestricted Resources to Debt ratio measures the coverage of debt that is covered by financial reserves that are expendable by universities. This is at heart a measure of liquidity; how prepared is a given institution for financial emergencies or revenue volatility, be it sudden, dramatic changes in enrollment, cuts in state funding or private grants, or other unforeseen circumstances.


  • Private Higher Education – Median Unrestricted Resources represent 62% of Total Debt.  Slightly Down in 2016 from Past two years.
  • 18.7%  of all Private Higher Ed Universities had less than 10% Unrestricted Resources to Debt.

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