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Have you ever needed a quick snapshot of the demographic and employment outlook for a city or state? Are you an individual or family looking for a change to a new environment? A recent graduate looking for potential cities to find work? Are you a bond analyst or other researcher looking for fast access to municipal demographics? Our individual city and state pages give you the information you are looking for.


A Look at State Tax Revenue Burdens:

Total State Tax Revenue Per Capita Annual medians

Total State Governmental Tax Revenue Per Capita Medians FY 2003 to FY2017

  • Key Statistical Takeaways from Per Capita State Tax Revenue Median Trends
    – The state (excluding territories) median for total governmental activities tax revenue per capita reached its highest level in FY 2017,  more than any year since 2003.
  • The per capita level of $2,655 is higher than it would be if you apply the inflation rate from the end of 2003’s per capita level of $1,708, in which case the expected inflation adjusted level would be $2,344 for October 2018.
  • In 2017,  the top five states governments with the highest governmental activities per capita tax revenue were Vermont at $4,917, Hawaii at $4,658, Delaware at $4,561 and Connecticut at $4,499 and Minnesota at$4,430.
  • Alaska had the lowest governmental activities taxes per capita level at $916  and New Hampshire was next at $1,667.
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