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Los Angeles County
Population: 10,038,388
San Diego County
Population: 3,223,096
Orange County
Population: 3,116,069
Riverside County
Population: 2,298,032
San Bernardino County
Population: 2,094,769
Santa Clara County
Population: 1,868,149
Alameda County
Population: 1,584,983
Sacramento County
Population: 1,465,832
Contra Costa County
Population: 1,096,068
Fresno County
Population: 956,749


State of California Demographics

The Golden State has one of the largest economies in the world. It is also incredibly diverse. Historically, the state has had a large population separated from the industrial heartland of the Eastern U.S.; therefore, it had to develop an economy that was largely self-sustaining. It has the largest agricultural sector in the country, as well as well-known technology and entertainment industries. (Source: California Department of Finance)

The largest industries in California are Hospitality and Tourism, Retail, Healthcare Services, Business Services, and Education and Training. Of these industries, Healthcare Services is seeing the fastest and most significant growth. (Source: California Employment Development Department) 

The latest employment scorecard for the State of California for 2016-2017 is listed below, based on data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. California’s labor force participation and unemployment rates were relatively flat from August 2016-August 2017, as well as its overall labor force. Even though California’s labor force participation rate declined year-over-year, it still is a healthy 61.9%. You can view what jobs are available in California, as well as which sectors of the economy are growing most quickly, on our Job Listings pageCalifornia demographics

View more California demographics, largest cities and counties, news sources, investor relations sites, and a directory to the individual page for each city and county in the State of California below. More employment information for the State of California and each of the state’s metropolitan areas in our Employment Database.

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Below is a profile of key fiscal characteristics and other California demographics, courtesy of Merritt Research Services, LLC. Some highlights are California’s high total direct debt as a percentage of personal income, relative to state medians, as well as its very positive revenue over expense figure, compared to the medium figure for U.S. States, which is in the red.

california demographics


Total Population (2000, 2010, 2015*)

Based on 2000, 2010 and 2015* U.S. Census data
10.06% increase since 2000 census.
(* 2009-2015’ ACS 5-Year Estimates)

Directory of, Cities, Towns and Villages in California

Directory of Counties in California

California Unemployment Data
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