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Cities & States

San Juan
Population: 357,627
Population: 177,709
Population: 150,712
Population: 126,302
Population: 80,556
Population: 72,972
Population: 67,110
Trujillo Alto
Population: 47,679
Population: 43,152
Population: 26,786

San Juan Municipio
Population: 371,400
Bayamón Municipio
Population: 197,287
Carolina Municipio
Population: 168,114
Ponce Municipio
Population: 156,054
Caguas Municipio
Population: 138,262
Guaynabo Municipio
Population: 93,899
Arecibo Municipio
Population: 92,511
Toa Baja Municipio
Population: 85,242
Mayagüez Municipio
Population: 83,418
Toa Alta Municipio
Population: 74,603

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Demographics

MuniNet Guide has Puerto Rico demographics, focusing on population changes, fiscal characteristics, an employment scorecard, and more.

Total Population (2000, 2010, 2015*)

Based on 2000, 2010 and 2015* U.S. Census data
100% increase since 2000 census.
(* 2009-2015’ ACS 5-Year Estimates)

Directory of, Cities, Towns and Villages in Puerto Rico

Directory of Counties in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Unemployment Data
See More Puerto Rico Employment Data ▶
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