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Cities & States

Des Moines
Population: 208,020
Cedar Rapids
Population: 128,829
Population: 101,863
Sioux City
Population: 82,792
Iowa City
Population: 71,832
Population: 68,432
Population: 62,815
Council Bluffs
Population: 62,309
West Des Moines
Population: 61,266
Population: 58,409

Polk County
Population: 438,307
Linn County
Population: 213,425
Scott County
Population: 167,080
Johnson County
Population: 134,034
Black Hawk County
Population: 131,468
Woodbury County
Population: 102,155
Dubuque County
Population: 94,411
Pottawattamie County
Population: 92,962
Story County
Population: 90,750
Dallas County
Population: 69,526

Johnson County, Iowa


Source: 2014 U.S Census Data

Median Income (households)

Income est. based on American Community Survey from 2008-2014 with inflation


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