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Cities & States

Kansas City
Population: 467,990
St. Louis
Population: 317,850
Population: 163,763
Population: 117,192
Population: 115,391
Lee's Summit
Population: 93,618
Population: 83,053
St. Joseph
Population: 77,037
St. Charles
Population: 67,479
St. Peters
Population: 55,135

St. Louis County
Population: 1,001,327
Jackson County
Population: 680,905
St. Charles County
Population: 374,805
St. Louis
Population: 317,850
Greene County
Population: 283,206
Clay County
Population: 230,361
Jefferson County
Population: 221,577
Boone County
Population: 170,770
Jasper County
Population: 117,184
Franklin County
Population: 101,828

Andrew County, Missouri


Source: 2014 U.S Census Data

Median Income (households)

Income est. based on American Community Survey from 2008-2014 with inflation


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