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Beech Bottom
Population: 618
Population: 1,363
Glen Dale
Population: 1,537
Population: 1,702
Valley Grove
Population: 312
West Liberty
Population: 1,781
Windsor Heights
Population: 437


Wheeling, West Virginia

Total Population

Based on 2000, 2010 and 2015 U.S. Census data
12.64% decrease since 2000 census.
(* 2009-2015’ ACS 5-Year Estimates)
Counties: Marshall County (1%) , Ohio County (99%)

Median Income (households)

Median Age

45.4 Years
Based on 2015 U.S. Census data, median age for residents in Wheeling, older than median age in the U.S

Household Type

52.1% Family Households (occupied housing units)
Based on 2015 U.S. Census data. Family Household: a household in which there is at least 1 person present who is related to the householder by birth, marriage or adoption.


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