…refers to the systems, facilities, and assets considered essential to the operations, security, economy and public health, safety, and welfare of a municipality, county, state, region or country. While MuniNet Guide covers “infrastructure” as one broad category, we also provide information on several subcategories within this group, including Education & SchoolsHealthcareHousing & Real EstatePlanning & DevelopmentPublic SafetyTransportation, and Utilities.

Needed Renewal:

Infrastructure Chart March 16 2016

Rebuilding America’s infrastructure has been a hot button issue for the public sector for decades. The trend in the chart clearly shows a steady upward climb in the accounting measure for the median age of the components which make a city work and run, both above and below the ground.

— While less than 30% of city audit reports have been received so far this year, audits received to date for 2015 show no progress towards reversal this period.

— The recent water crisis in Flint illustrates the urgency to address this issue.

Data for this chart provided by Merritt Research Services, LLC. Median for 2015 numbers is subject to change as new audit reports from cities are received.