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Report – U.S. State Crime Rates by Type for All 50 States, D.C., and Puerto Rico

MuniNet Guide provides crime profiles for all fifty states, just like the example of U.S. state medians below. All data is based on the most recent FBI Uniform Crime Reports.

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The total median U.S. State crime rates in 2016 for violent crimes is 370.3 per 100,000 inhabitants, and property crime rates are 2,582.1. Larceny-theft is by far the most common crime committed, consisting of 63 percent of all crimes, followed by burglary at 16 percent. Aggravated assault accounts for 9 percent, motor vehicle theft at 8 percent, robbery 3 percent, rape (revised definition) 1 percent, and murder/non-negligent manslaughter making up a statistical fraction of a single percent of overall crimes. While the levels of individual states certainly vary considerably, these proportions hold fairly steady across jurisdictions. Violent crime rate figures include the offenses of murder, rape (revised definition), robbery, and aggravated assault.

Visit the full article on U.S. State Crime Rates- Comparing  Types of Crimes Across the States

Police, Prisoners, and Crimes: A Look at the Numbers

We looked at several relationships between different data sets over time. These include the number of agencies and sworn officers per capita, the relationship between crime rate and sworn officers, the rate of officers that are female, the relationship between incarcerations and crime, and how incarcerated population has changed in relation to the overall population.

MuniNet also compared the growth in the total prison population to the growth in the total U.S. population, and the graph below shows exactly that. When looking at the changes of these two populations from 1978-2012, once can see a clear difference in growth rate.  The trends we discovered do not necessarily add up to a definitive or comfortable conclusion. A higher percentage of Americans keep being incarcerated. Crime rates have greatly diminished. Both of these trends could be in spite of or have led to decreased police officer and agency coverage per capita, or could be entirely unrelated. Read more of our findings in Police, Prisoneers and Crimes:  A Look at the Numbers.

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