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MuniNet works with Indeed, Zip Recruiter, and JuJu to bring you a ‘Search Engine of Search Engines’, providing a powerful tool to search for jobs!

Below is a powerful data table showing the gross domestic product (GDP) growth in each U.S. metropolitan area in 2016. What makes this so useful is that MuniNet has broken down that GDP growth by sector. When performing your job search, you can see what sectors are thriving in your city. Or, if you are looking at relocation, see what metro areas are experiencing strong growth in your field! Search for jobs using the menu above.

Use our ‘search engine of search engines’ to find jobs, by entering your job title or industry above, and selecting by state and/or city. You may also use our up to date Employment Data, School Data, and Demographic Data pages to get a layout of where that job is located or to compare locations for various openings.