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Bond Calendar


MuniNet Guide’s Municipal Bond Calendar – A List of Scheduled and Recent New Issues in the Bond Market for the Week of April 6th, 2020.

MuniNet Guide’s municipal bond calendar (see below) provides the latest issues of municipal bonds, courtesy of Mesirow Financial. Municipal Bonds are a form of debt issued by state and local governments to finance various purposes.

Quick Hits – Week of  4/6/2020 (see calendar below)

  • The Mesirow Financial calendar lists $13.2 billion in scheduled new issues.
  • Nearly all new bond issues remain in limbo, and neither of the top spots has changed since last week.
  • To denote this change, the calendar represents bonds scheduled ‘day to day’ as Friday 4/10/20.

State, county and local general governments can issue bonds, as can special districts like transit authorities and school districts. They are traditionally associated with funding infrastructure projects like bridges and waterworks with heavy upfront costs. Bonds can also be issued to raise capital to pay off old debt that was issued at a higher interest rate, similar to how households may refinance their mortgage in a time of low rates. New issue muni-bonds are those bonds that are being currently brought for initial offering to the market.

new issue muni bonds

Whatever the purposes, purchases of municipal bonds are often available to the public and information is publicly listed. Our municipal bond calendar provides a listing of new issues scheduled for the current week, and any others within the past 30 days.

The new issue slate is designed to provide the scheduled sale date, the amount expected to be offered, whether the issue is competitive or negotiated, and its tax-exempt status. You can sort each column to help you find a specific issue more quickly.   For negotiated issues, the expected date applies to the entire week.   The dollar amount and terms of the sale are subject to change due to market conditions and reception for the particular bond issue.

MuniNet adds value to our calendar listing by allowing you to click on the state in which the issuing entity exists, providing you with a state demographics page. Clicking on select large issues takes you to that entity’s website or its MuniNet demographics page if it is a state, county, or city. Our state pages also include links the official government website.

Find out more information regarding municipal bonds and coverage of recent events in the muni bond market, including our featured municipal bond and daily municipal bond yields by visiting our Municipal Bonds page. Begin searching new issue muni bonds below.   Investors should review the official statement of the issuer prior to purchasing municipal bonds.

MuniNetguide’s listing of new issues or links to the website of the borrower do not imply a recommendation of the new issue nor should it be assumed that the information is sufficient to make a fully informed investment decision.

Scheduled bond sales are listed in order of most forward looking dates first,  followed by current and then recent sales (some of which have already come to market).

Municipal Bonds

Bond Issuer State Amount Sale Date Competitive / Negotiatied Tax-Exempt / Taxable / Both
Lodi Public Financing Auth California $23,390 04/10/2020 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
Collin County Community College District Texas $289,830 04/10/2020 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
Burleson Independent School District Texas $19,990 04/10/2020 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
Chino Valley Unified School District California $275,000 04/10/2020 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
City of Madison Wisconsin $19,300 04/10/2020 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
Missouri Housing Missouri $76,174 04/10/2020 Negotiated Taxable
Waxahachie Independent School District Texas $18,815 04/10/2020 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
Northwest Suburban Municipal Joint Action Water Agency Illinois $55,115 04/10/2020 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
Town of Oxford Connecticut $16,340 04/10/2020 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
Chino Valley School District California $54,245 04/10/2020 Negotiated Taxable
Yavapai County Jail Arizona $53,745 04/10/2020 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
County of Allen Ohio $1,156,625 04/10/2020 Negotiated Taxable
Webb County Texas $52,840 04/10/2020 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
Lake Local School District Ohio $39,453 04/10/2020 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
Kansas City Missouri $11,415 04/10/2020 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
Metro Atlanta Rapid Trans Georgia $140,895 04/09/2020 Competitive Tax-Exempt
Lumberton Isd Texas $40,000 04/09/2020 Competitive Tax-Exempt
Clear Lake City Wtr Auth Texas $13,750 04/09/2020 Competitive Tax-Exempt
Claiborne Co -Ref Tennessee $25,975 04/08/2020 Competitive Tax-Exempt
Knox Middle Sbc Indiana $20,000 04/08/2020 Competitive Tax-Exempt
Mccsc 1996 Sch Bldg Corp Indiana $58,900 04/08/2020 Competitive Tax-Exempt
Plano -Ref Texas $75,280 04/08/2020 Competitive Tax-Exempt
Middletown Connecticut $19,500 04/08/2020 Competitive Tax-Exempt
Tualatin Valley Fire And Oregon $15,040 04/08/2020 Competitive Taxable
Vail Unified School District Arizona $17,355 04/08/2020 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
Marshall University Illinois $54,720 04/08/2020 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
County of Cuyahoga Ohio $15,185 04/08/2020 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
Baycare Health System Ohio $601,295 04/08/2020 Negotiated Taxable
Texas Public Finance Authority Texas $483,190 04/07/2020 Negotiated Taxable
City of Richmond Virginia $310,925 04/07/2020 Negotiated Both
Boone Co Sd Fin Corp Kentucky $33,340 04/07/2020 Competitive Tax-Exempt
Lonoke Sch Dist #1-Ref Arkansas $24,410 04/07/2020 Competitive Taxable
N Mahaska Cmnty Sd Iowa $10,000 04/07/2020 Competitive Tax-Exempt
Un Springs Csd New York $10,840 04/07/2020 Competitive Tax-Exempt
Millburn Twp Boe New Jersey $20,500 04/07/2020 Competitive Tax-Exempt
City of Ottuma Iowa $15,380 04/07/2020 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
Huntington Woods Michigan $12,000 04/07/2020 Competitive Tax-Exempt
Thornton -Rev -Cops Colorado $27,310 04/07/2020 Competitive Tax-Exempt
New London Connecticut $11,520 04/07/2020 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
Urbandale -B Iowa $11,360 04/07/2020 Competitive Tax-Exempt
Muleshoe ISD -Ref Texas $14,630 04/06/2020 Competitive Tax-Exempt
Monroe County Water Authority New York $22,630 04/06/2020 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
Multnomah Co SD Oregon $441,320 04/06/2020 Competitive Tax-Exempt
City of Kennewick Washington $15,490 04/02/2020 Tax-Exempt
Forest Lake Area Isd -A Minnesota $10,235 04/02/2020 Tax-Exempt
Wichita -Wtr Swr Rev -A Kansas $32,400 04/02/2020 Tax-Exempt
Beaverton -Wtr Rev Oregon $25,725 04/02/2020 Tax-Exempt
Multnomah Co Sd #1J Oregon $441,320 04/02/2020 Tax-Exempt
Oklahoma Co Isd #1 Oklahoma $38,750 04/02/2020 Tax-Exempt
Fowler Unified School District California $15,765 04/01/2020 Tax-Exempt
Storm Lake Cmnty Sd Iowa $14,980 04/01/2020 Tax-Exempt
Berkeley -Measure O California $38,000 04/01/2020 $38,000 Taxable
Iowa St Brd Of Regents Iowa $18,250 04/01/2020 Tax-Exempt
New York Transportation Development Corporation New York $330,000 04/01/2020 $330,000 Taxable
Hashville And Davidson County Tennessee $297,680 04/01/2020 Tax-Exempt
Iowa Univ Brd Of Regents Iowa $15,375 04/01/2020 $15,375 Taxable
Memphis-Ref Tennessee $214,660 04/01/2020 Tax-Exempt
Orange Co New York $28,180 04/01/2020 Tax-Exempt
City West Commercial Metropolitan District Colorado $11,286 03/31/2020 Tax-Exempt
Oklahoma City Oklahoma $51,265 03/31/2020 Tax-Exempt
Oklahoma City -Txbl Oklahoma $60,215 03/31/2020 $60,215 Taxable
NY State Enviromental Facilities New York $174,765 03/31/2020 Tax-Exempt
Angleton Isd Texas $40,000 03/31/2020 Tax-Exempt
Birmingham Airport Authority Alabama $118,735 03/31/2020 Tax-Exempt
Port of Portland Oregon $74,975 03/31/2020 Tax-Exempt
Lynwood Utility Authority California $18,505 03/31/2020 Tax-Exempt
Anoka Hennepin Isd#11 -A Minnesota $94,565 03/30/2020 Tax-Exempt
Central Lee Cmnty Sd Iowa $12,900 03/30/2020 Tax-Exempt
Chicago Heights Illinois $38,540 03/26/2020 Negotiated Taxable
Carteret Boro Brd Ed New Jersey $37,000 03/26/2020 Competitive Tax-Exempt
Long Beach City SD New York $15,985 03/26/2020 Competitive Taxable
County of Buncombe North Carolina $207,865 03/26/2020 Negotiated Taxable
Wickliffe City SD Ohio $57,000 03/26/2020 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
Davenport Iowa $40,520 03/25/2020 Competitive Tax-Exempt
Marlboro CSD New York $14,835 03/25/2020 Competitive Tax-Exempt
Berkeley-Measure O California $38,000 03/25/2020 Competitive Taxable
Greater New Haven Water Pollution Control Authority Connecticut $29,750 03/25/2020 Negotiated Taxable
Delaware Economic Development Authority Delaware $20,600 03/25/2020 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
City of Yakima Washington $26,705 03/25/2020 Negotiated Taxable
Golden Valley Unified School District California $19,995 03/25/2020 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
Anne Arundel Co Maryland $221,835 03/25/2020 Competitive Tax-Exempt
NY State Housing New York $319,945 03/25/2020 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
Trenton SPL SD Tennessee $21,000 03/25/2020 Competitive Tax-Exempt
Beaufort Co Sch Dist -A South Carolina $124,610 03/25/2020 Competitive Tax-Exempt
Boston Wtr & Swr Comm -B Massachusetts $77,100 03/25/2020 Competitive Tax-Exempt
New Mexico Finance Authority New Mexico $30,030 03/24/2020 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
Sonterra Mud Texas $14,450 03/24/2020 Competitive Tax-Exempt
Oakland Co Bldg Auth -A Michigan $36,425 03/24/2020 Competitive Tax-Exempt
Bend Oregon $53,160 03/24/2020 Competitive Tax-Exempt
City of Cedar Hills Texas $10,735 03/24/2020 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
School District No. 39 Cook County (Wilmette) Illinois $10,250 03/24/2020 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
Austin Co Texas $16,000 03/23/2020 Competitive Tax-Exempt
Acton -A Massachusetts $12,520 03/23/2020 Competitive Tax-Exempt
Florida St Florida $112,335 03/23/2020 Competitive Tax-Exempt
Milwaukee Met Wisconsin $80,000 03/23/2020 Competitive Tax-Exempt
Elsa Medical Facility Texas $57,385 03/23/2020 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
Waukee -A Iowa $12,100 03/23/2020 Competitive Tax-Exempt
Dallas Co R-1 SD Missouri $12,605 03/23/2020 Competitive Tax-Exempt
Winrock Town Center Tax Increment Development District #1 New Mexico $97,380 03/20/2020 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
Bloomfield Twn New Jersey $17,730 03/19/2020 Competitive Tax-Exempt