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MuniNet Guide’s Municipal Bond Calendar – A List of Scheduled and Recent New Issues in the Bond Market for the Week of February 24th, 2020.

MuniNet Guide’s municipal bond calendar (see below) provides the latest issues of municipal bonds, courtesy of Mesirow Financial. Municipal Bonds are a form of debt issued by state and local governments to finance various purposes.

Quick Hits – Week of  2/24/2020 (see calendar below)

  • The Mesirow Financial calendar lists $13.3 billion in scheduled new issues.
  • Dominating this week’s bond calendar is the Buckeye Tobacco Settlement with $5.2 billion in tax-exempt bonds.
  • Next week’s largest competitive bond issue is from Florida’s Department of Transportation with $300 million.

State, county and local general governments can issue bonds, as can special districts like transit authorities and school districts. They are traditionally associated with funding infrastructure projects like bridges and waterworks with heavy upfront costs. Bonds can also be issued to raise capital to pay off old debt that was issued at a higher interest rate, similar to how households may refinance their mortgage in a time of low rates. New issue muni-bonds are those bonds that are being currently brought for initial offering to the market.

new issue muni bonds

Whatever the purposes, purchases of municipal bonds are often available to the public and information is publicly listed. Our municipal bond calendar provides a listing of new issues scheduled for the current week, and any others within the past 30 days.

The new issue slate is designed to provide the scheduled sale date, the amount expected to be offered, whether the issue is competitive or negotiated, and its tax-exempt status. You can sort each column to help you find a specific issue more quickly.   For negotiated issues, the expected date applies to the entire week.   The dollar amount and terms of the sale are subject to change due to market conditions and reception for the particular bond issue.

MuniNet adds value to our calendar listing by allowing you to click on the state in which the issuing entity exists, providing you with a state demographics page. Clicking on select large issues takes you to that entity’s website or its MuniNet demographics page if it is a state, county, or city. Our state pages also include links the official government website.

Find out more information regarding municipal bonds and coverage of recent events in the muni bond market, including our featured municipal bond and daily municipal bond yields by visiting our Municipal Bonds page. Begin searching new issue muni bonds below.   Investors should review the official statement of the issuer prior to purchasing municipal bonds.

MuniNetguide’s listing of new issues or links to the website of the borrower do not imply a recommendation of the new issue nor should it be assumed that the information is sufficient to make a fully informed investment decision.

Scheduled bond sales are listed in order of most forward looking dates first,  followed by current and then recent sales (some of which have already come to market).

Municipal Bonds

Bond Issuer State Amount Sale Date Competitive / Negotiatied Tax-Exempt / Taxable / Both
Agua Fria Union High School District No. 216 Arizona $55,000 01/30/2020 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
Alamo Community College District Texas $48,070 01/28/2020 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
new - Albuquerque-Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority New Mexico $74,430 02/27/2020 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
Alto Isd Texas $ 10,500 02/18/2020 N/A
Amarillo Junior Clg Dt Texas $12,845 02/12/2020 Competitive Tax-Exempt
American Municipal Power Inc. Ohio $106,880 02/04/2020 Tax-Exempt Negotiated
Amherst CSD New York $28,110 01/29/2020 Taxable Tax-Exempt
Anaheim Housing and Public Improvements Authority California $237,815 02/06/2020 Both Negotiated
Anderson Co Sch Dist #1 South Carolina $24,510 02/04/2020 Tax-Exempt Competitive
Antelope Valley Community College District California $211,230 02/13/2020 Negotiated Both
Arlington Independent School District Texas $310,125 02/05/2020 Tax-Exempt Negotiated
Athens Clarke Co Unif Georgia $26,855 02/04/2020 Tax-Exempt Competitive
Avondale Sd – Ref -A Michigan $37,390 02/03/2020 Tax-Exempt Competitive
Avondale Sd-Txbl-Ref-B Michigan $23,390 02/03/2020 Taxable Competitive
new - Baltimore Co Maryland $246,000 02/26/2020 Competitive Tax-Exempt
new - Baltimore Co -82Nd Issue Maryland $42,000 02/26/2020 Competitive Tax-Exempt
Bangor Area School District Pennsylvania $ 12,910 02/20/2020 N/A
Barnstable Twn Massachusetts $12,130 02/05/2020 Tax-Exempt Competitive
Bedford Twn-A New Hampshire $10,000 02/04/2020 Tax-Exempt Competitive
Berks County Municipal Authority Pennsylvania $267,060 02/04/2020 Tax-Exempt Negotiated
Berryville Sd #27 -Ref Arkansas $14,160 02/11/2020 Competitive Tax-Exempt
Board of Education Middlesex SD New Jersey $94,845 02/06/2020 Taxable Negotiated
new - Board of Investments Montana Missouri $71,110 02/24/2020 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
Bossier Psh Parishwide Sd Louisiana $25,000 02/05/2020 Tax-Exempt Competitive
new - Brazos Higher Education Authority, Inc. 1A Texas $58,750 02/27/2020 Negotiated Both
new - Brazos Higher Education Authority, Inc. 1B Texas $7,350 02/27/2020 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
Bridgeport Independent School District Texas $ 16,690 02/18/2020 N/A
Bryan -Ctfs Oblig Texas $72,970 02/05/2020 Tax-Exempt Competitive
new - Buckeye Tobacco Settlement A-1 Ohio $327,005 02/26/2020 Negotiated Taxable
new - Buckeye Tobacco Settlement A-2 Ohio $1,050,050 02/26/2020 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
new - Buckeye Tobacco Settlement B-1 Ohio $100,000 02/26/2020 Negotiated Taxable
new - Buckeye Tobacco Settlement B-2 Ohio $3,385,190 02/26/2020 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
new - Buckeye Tobacco Settlement B-3 Ohio $376,899 02/26/2020 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
Burleigh County North Dakota $15,000 02/06/2020 Tax-Exempt Negotiated
California Infrastructure and Economic Development Bank California $ 100,000 02/20/2020 N/A
Canyons Sch Dist Brd Edu Utah $80,005 02/05/2020 Tax-Exempt Competitive
new - Carlsbad Muni Sch Dist New Mexico $30,000 02/25/2020 Competitive Tax-Exempt
Central Valley School District Pennsylvania $11,000 02/13/2020 Negotiated Taxable
new - Chelsea School District Michigan $23,815 02/26/2020 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
Chester County Health and Education Facilities Authority Pennsylvania $133,350 02/12/2020 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
new - Churchville-Chili Central School District New York $13,820 02/27/2020 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
City of Bakersfield California $10,000 01/30/2020 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
City of Cleveland Ohio $62,100 02/05/2020 Tax-Exempt Negotiated
City of Delaware Ohio $14,620 01/28/2020 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
City of El Paso Texas $199,770 02/11/2020 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
City of Grand Junction Colorado $59,550 02/13/2020 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
City of Greensboro North Carolina $12,575 02/05/2020 Tax-Exempt Negotiated
City of Las Cruces New Mexico $ 13,305 02/19/2020 N/A
City of Long Beach California $131,100 02/05/2020 Tax-Exempt Negotiated
City of Midland Texas $50,000 02/10/2020 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
City of Oxnard California $16,110 02/06/2020 Tax-Exempt Negotiated
City of Pasadena California $130,255 02/05/2020 Taxable Negotiated
new - City of Port Huron Michigan $52,965 02/26/2020 Negotiated Taxable
City of Richardson Texas $68,820 01/27/2020 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
City of Santa Clarita Community Facilities District No. 2016-1 (Vista Canyon) California $18,055 02/13/2020 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
new - City of Springdale Arkansas $50,540 02/25/2020 Negotiated Taxable
City of Springfield Missouri $16,235 02/12/2020 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
City of St Louis Municipal library District Missouri $38,170 02/12/2020 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
City of Tulsa Oklahoma $90,000 01/29/2020 Taxable Tax-Exempt
City of Tustin California $15,000 02/11/2020 Negotiated Taxable
City of Waterbury Connecticut $78,505 01/29/2020 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
Cleveland Co Isd #2 Oklahoma $20,120 02/13/2020 Competitive Tax-Exempt
Colby College Missouri $95,960 01/28/2020 Negotiated Taxable
new - Coles Etc Ccd #517 Illinois $11,535 02/25/2020 Competitive Tax-Exempt
College of the Mainland Texas $70,395 02/11/2020 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
new - Collingswood Borough New Jersey $19,752 02/26/2020 Competitive Tax-Exempt
Columbia-Brazoria Independent School District Texas $ 11,500 02/18/2020 N/A
Community Consolidated School District No. 59, Cook County (Elk Grove) Illinois $31,345 02/11/2020 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
new - County of Cumberland Maine $27,260 02/26/2020 Negotiated Taxable
County of Onslow North Carolina $ 24,865 02/20/2020 N/A
County of St. Clair Michigan $ 13,285 02/20/2020 N/A
County of Warren New York $12,860 02/03/2020 Tax-Exempt Negotiated
Crestwood School District Pennsylvania $20,285 02/11/2020 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
new - Crosby Ironton Isd# 182-A Minnesota $23,200 02/24/2020 Competitive Tax-Exempt
Cullman City Board of Education Alabama $10,785 01/28/2020 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority Ohio $ 16,455 02/18/2020 N/A
new - Dallas Ctr Grimes Cmnty Iowa $22,705 02/24/2020 Competitive Tax-Exempt
Danville-A-Ref Kentucky $ 11,635 02/20/2020 N/A
Dauphin County Pennsylvania $ 41,610 02/20/2020 N/A
new - Deaf Smith Co Texas $36,200 02/24/2020 Competitive Tax-Exempt
Del Valle Independent School District Texas $125,000 02/11/2020 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
new - Department of Airports of the City of Los Angeles California $738,575 02/26/2020 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
Des Moines Iowa $29,525 02/12/2020 Competitive Tax-Exempt
District of Columbia District of Columbia $229,570 01/28/2020 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
Dorchester County South Carolina $25,000 01/28/2020 Taxable Tax-Exempt
Dormitory Authority of the State of New York (Barnard) New York $40,220 01/30/2020 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
East Lansing School District Michigan $26,570 02/06/2020 Tax-Exempt Negotiated
East Pennsboro Area School District Pennsylvania $20,000 01/29/2020 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
El Paso County Colorado $34,270 02/04/2020 Tax-Exempt Negotiated
Erie City Water Authority Pennsylvania $ 81,080 02/18/2020 N/A
Escambia County Health Facilities Authority Florida $589,415 01/28/2020 Negotiated Both
Evergreen ESD California $15,000 01/28/2020 Taxable Tax-Exempt
Fairfax Co -A Virginia $323,605 01/28/2020 Taxable Tax-Exempt
Fairfield Suisun Unif Sd California $ 85,000 02/20/2020 N/A
Farmers Branch -Ref Texas $ 12,400 02/18/2020 N/A
Farwell Area Schs Michigan $20,010 02/03/2020 Tax-Exempt Competitive
Fl St Boe Peco -B -Ref Florida $95,185 02/10/2020 Competitive Tax-Exempt
Fl St Boe-B Florida $115,000 02/03/2020 Tax-Exempt Competitive
Flint Pub Library Michigan $12,600 02/04/2020 Tax-Exempt Competitive
new - Florida St -C -Ref Florida $112,335 02/24/2020 Competitive Tax-Exempt