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Municipal Bond Calendar

Bond Calendar

MuniNet Guide’s Municipal Bond Calendar – A List of Scheduled and Recent New Issues in the Bond Market for the week of January 21, 2019

MuniNet Guide’s municipal bond calendar (see below) provides the latest issues of municipal bonds, courtesy of Mesirow Financial. Municipal Bonds are a form of debt issued by state and local governments  to finance various purposes.

Quick Hits – Week of  1/21/2019 (see calendar below)

  • The Mesirow Financial calendar shows a sizeable new supply of about $5.2 billion.
  • The largest scheduled new tax-exempt issue:  $535 Million  Yale University bonds issued by the Connecticutt Health & Ed Facilities Authority.

State, county and local general governments can issue bonds, as can special districts like transit authorities and school districts. They are traditionally associated with funding infrastructure projects like bridges and waterworks with heavy upfront costs. Bonds can also be issued to raise capital to pay off old debt that was issued at a higher interest rate, similar to how households may refinance their mortgage in a time of low rates. New issue muni-bonds are those bonds that are being currently brought for initial offering to the market.

new issue muni bonds

Whatever the purposes, purchases of municipal bonds are often available to the public and information is publicly listed. Our municipal bond calendar provides a listing of new issues scheduled for the current week, and any others within the past 30 days.

The new issue slate is designed to provide the scheduled sale date, the amount expected to be offered, whether the issue is competitive or negotiated, and its tax-exempt status. You can sort each column to help you find a specific issue more quickly.   For negotiated issues, the expected date applies to the entire week.   The dollar amount and terms of the sale are subject to change due to market conditions and reception for the particular bond issue.

MuniNet adds value to our calendar listing by allowing you to click on the state in which the issuing entity exists, providing you with a state demographics page. Clicking on select large issues takes you to that entity’s website or its MuniNet demographics page if it is a state, county, or city. Our state pages also include links the official government website.

Find out more information regarding municipal bonds and coverage of recent events in the muni bond market, including our featured municipal bond and daily municipal bond yields by visiting our Municipal Bonds page. Begin searching new issue muni bonds below.   Investors should review the official statement of the issuer prior to purchasing municipal bonds.

MuniNetguide’s listing of new issues or links to the website of the borrower do not imply a recommendation of the new issue nor should it be assumed that the information is sufficient to make a fully informed investment decision.

Bonds listed in order of most forward looking expected sales date first.

Municipal Bonds

Bond Issuer State Amount Sale Date Competitive / Negotiatied Tax-Exempt / Taxable / Both
Univ of WA General Revs (3 year Soft Put) Washington $100MM 01/17/2019 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
El Paso Co SD #2 CO GO Bonds Colorado $100MM 01/15/2019 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
new - Lake Travis ISD ULT GO School Building Texas $100MM 01/23/2019 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
new - Stephen F Austin University Board of Regents Texas $109MM 01/24/2019 Negotiated Both
Lorain Co OH Limited Tax GO Bonds Ohio $10MM 01/08/2019 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
Warren Co PA SD GO LT (ST AID WITHHLDG) Pennsylvania $10MM 01/07/2019 Competitive Tax-Exempt
Fairfield Area SD Adams Co PA GO Bonds (Taxable) Pennsylvania $10MM 01/16/2019 Negotiated Taxable
City of Meadville PA GO Bonds Pennsylvania $10MM 01/17/2019 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
Johnson City ISD TX GO ULT (PSF-GTD) Texas $10MM 01/14/2019 Competitive Tax-Exempt
Holdingford Pub ISD #738 MN GO ULT (SD CRED PROG) Minnesota $10MM 01/14/2019 Competitive Tax-Exempt
new - Lancaster SD GO Pennsylvania $10MM 01/23/2019 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
new - Columbia Heights Public SD Minnesota $10MM 01/22/2019 Competitive Tax-Exempt
new - Town of West Hartford Connecticut $10MM 01/22/2019 Competitive Tax-Exempt
new - York County South Carolina $10MM 01/24/2019 Competitive Tax-Exempt
Health Ed and Housing Fac Board of the Co of Knox TN Hosp Revs (E TN Childrens Hosp) Tennessee $115MM 01/14/2019 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
new - Town of Uless Texas $11MM 01/22/2019 Competitive Tax-Exempt
new - Russell County SD Finance Corporation Kentucky $11MM 01/22/2019 Competitive Tax-Exempt
new - Anchor Bay SD Michigan $11MM 01/23/2019 Competitive Tax-Exempt
Downey USD CA GO ULT California $125MM 01/15/2019 Competitive Tax-Exempt
State of Utah GO Bonds Utah $129MM 01/15/2019 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
TX Dept of Housing Community Affairs Multifamily (Park Yellowstone) Texas $12MM 01/14/2019 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
Waukesha Co WI GO Bonds (Taxable) Wisconsin $12MM 01/15/2019 Negotiated Taxable
Bloomfield Township CT GO ULT Connecticut $12MM 01/17/2019 Competitive Tax-Exempt
Centereach Fire Dist NY GO ULT New York $12MM 01/17/2019 Competitive Tax-Exempt
new - Cambridge Isanti Public ISD Minnesota $12MM 01/24/2019 Competitive Tax-Exempt
City of Charleston SC Water and Sewer Capital Improv Revs South Carolina $130MM 01/08/2019 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
new - Abliene ISD ULT GO School Building PSF Texas $133MM 01/22/2019 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
Monterey Peninsula CA USD GO ULT California $138MM 01/17/2019 Competitive Tax-Exempt
new - City of Norfolk Virginia $138MM 01/23/2019 Competitive Tax-Exempt
Le Sueur Co MN GO ULT Minnesota $13MM 01/14/2019 Competitive Tax-Exempt
Thompson SD R2-J CO GO Bonds Colorado $149MM 01/16/2019 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
Larkridge MN No. 2 CO Bonds Colorado $14MM 01/08/2019 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
Community Dev Administration MD Dept of Housing Revs (Non-AMT) Maryland $14MM 01/08/2019 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
Washington Co Commissioners MD Revs (Diakon Lutheran Social Proj) Maryland $14MM 01/14/2019 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
City of Atlanta GA Water and Wastewater Environmental Impact Revs Georgia $14MM 01/15/2019 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
Plainview-Elgin-Millville MN GO ULT (MN CRED PROG) Minnesota $14MM 01/14/2019 Competitive Tax-Exempt
new - Mississippi Development Bank (City of Biloxi) Michigan $14MM 01/23/2019 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
new - Prospect Heights SD #23 (Cook County) Taxable Illinois $14MM 01/22/2019 Negotiated Taxable
new - University of Kentucky Kentucky $14MM 01/23/2019 Competitive Tax-Exempt
new - Half Hollow Hills CSD New York $14MM 01/24/2019 Competitive Tax-Exempt
new - Ohio Financing Authority 2019A Ohio $150MM 01/24/2019 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
Birdville ISD TX ULT Tax School Building Bonds Texas $154MM 01/15/2019 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
New York State Urban Dev Corp PITS New York $1561MM 01/08/2019 Competitive Both
Cherokee Co BOE AL Special Tax Warrants Alabama $15MM 01/08/2019 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
Lake Co OH Building Fac Improv Revs Ohio $15MM 01/08/2019 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
Montague Area MI Pub Schools Bonds Michigan $15MM 01/16/2019 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
new - Missouri Health and Educational Facilities (Maryville Univ of Saint Louis) Missouri $15MM 01/24/2019 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
new - Wharton ISD Texas $15MM 01/22/2019 Competitive Tax-Exempt
new - City of Ithaca New York $15MM 01/23/2019 Competitive Tax-Exempt
new - Blue Hills Regional Tech HSD Massachusetts $15MM 01/23/2019 Competitive Tax-Exempt
new - Boulder Valley SD Colorado $164MM 01/23/2019 Competitive Tax-Exempt
City of San Antonio TX Water System Variable Rate Junior Lien Revs Texas $166MM 01/10/2019 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
Fowlerville Community Schools MI School Building and Site Bonds Michigan $16MM 01/10/2019 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
Southern CA Met Water GO ULT California $16MM 01/09/2019 Competitive Tax-Exempt
DE Sustainable Energy Utility Revs Delaware $16MM 01/16/2019 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
W Orange Cove Consol TX G O ULT (PSF-GTD) Texas $16MM 01/14/2019 Competitive Tax-Exempt
Hicksville NY UN FSD GO ULT (ST AID WITHHLDG) New York $16MM 01/15/2019 Competitive Tax-Exempt
Weston MA Bonds Massachusetts $16MM 01/16/2019 Competitive Tax-Exempt
new - Kelloggsville Public School Building and Site Bonds Michigan $16MM 01/23/2019 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
new - Cloverdale Unified School District (sonoma County) California $16MM 01/24/2019 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
San Fran Airport Commission CA Revs (AMT, Non-AMT, etc) California $1779MM 01/10/2019 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
Kentwood Pub Schools MI School Building and Site Bonds Michigan $17MM 01/09/2019 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
Oak Brook Park Dist IL GO ULT Illinois $17MM 01/15/2019 Competitive Tax-Exempt
new - Lehi City Water Revenue Utah $17MM 01/23/2019 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
new - Nevada County Public Finance Authority Lease revenue (County Operations Center) California $17MM 01/23/2019 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
new - Astoria School District #1 GO 2019A Colorado $18MM 01/23/2019 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
new - County of Miami Hospital facilities Improvement & Refunding Revenue (Kettering Health) Ohio $198MM 01/24/2019 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
Harrison CSD NY GO ULT (ST AID WITHHLDG) New York $19MM 01/09/2019 Competitive Tax-Exempt
New Hampshire Muni Bond Bank Revs New Hampshire $19MM 01/09/2019 Competitive Tax-Exempt
Cumberland Co Muni Auth PA Revs (Diakon Lutheran Social Ministries Proj) Pennsylvania $19MM 01/14/2019 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
The Colony Certificates of Oblig TX GO LT Texas $19MM 01/15/2019 Competitive Tax-Exempt
new - Park 70 Metropolitan District Colorado $19MM 01/23/2019 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
Idaho Housing and Fin Association Idaho $20MM 01/10/2019 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
City of McAllen TX GO Bonds Texas $20MM 01/14/2019 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
Woodland CFD No. 2004-1 CA Spring Lake Special Tax California $20MM 01/14/2019 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
new - Fenton Fire Protection District GO Missouri $20MM 01/23/2019 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
Board of Regents of the TX A&M Univ System Revs Texas $211MM 01/08/2019 Negotiated Both
Indiana Fin Auth State Revolving Fund Program Bonds (Green Bonds) Indiana $217MM 01/09/2019 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
Miami-Dade Co FL Water and Sewer System Revs Florida $229MM 01/16/2019 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
Madison AZ Elementary SD No. 38 School Improv GO Bonds Arizona $22MM 01/10/2019 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
Knox and Warren IL Galesburg Community SD No. 205 IL GO Bonds Illinois $22MM 01/14/2019 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
Clarkston CS MI School Building and Site Bonds Michigan $22MM 01/16/2019 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
new - Balsz Elementary SD #31 Improvement Bonds Arizona $22MM 01/24/2019 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
City of San Antonio TX General Improv Refunding Bonds Texas $24MM 01/08/2019 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
new - City of Pflugerville (Travis and Williamson Counties) Texas $24MM 01/22/2019 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
new - City of Lancaster Pennsylvania $24MM 01/22/2019 Competitive Tax-Exempt
new - City and County of Honolulu ULT GO (Honolulu Rail Project) Hawaii $250MM 01/23/2019 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
new - Iowa Financing Authority State Revoolving Fund Revenue Bonds Iowa $258MM 01/23/2019 Negotiated Both
Holly Area SD MI School Building and Site Bonds Michigan $25MM 01/08/2019 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
Fair Lawn NJ BORO BOE GO ULT (SCH BD RES FD) New Jersey $25MM 01/16/2019 Competitive Tax-Exempt
Cypress-Fairbanks ISD TX ULT Tax Refunding Bonds (PSF-GTD) Texas $261MM 01/17/2019 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
Wake Co NU GO ULT North Carolina $268MM 01/15/2019 Competitive Tax-Exempt
Princeton BOE NJ GO ULT (SCH BD RES FD) New Jersey $26MM 01/09/2019 Competitive Tax-Exempt
Northhampton Co PA GO Bonds Pennsylvania $26MM 01/14/2019 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
NM Mortgage Fin Auth Single Family Mortgage Revs (MBS Pass-Through Program) (Taxable) New Mexico $26MM 01/17/2019 Negotiated Taxable
Hempstead Town NY GO LT New York $26MM 01/17/2019 Competitive Tax-Exempt
State of Mississippi Gaming Tax Revs Mississippi $279MM 01/10/2019 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
Tredyffrin Easttown SD PA GO Bonds Pennsylvania $27MM 01/09/2019 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
new - Local Building Authority of Grand County SD Lease revenue Utah $27MM 01/24/2019 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
Middle Country CSD NY GO ULT (ST AID WITHHLDG) New York $28MM 01/09/2019 Competitive Tax-Exempt