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Municipal Bond Calendar

Bond Calendar

MuniNet Guide’s Municipal Bond Calendar – A List of Scheduled and Recent New Issues in the Bond Market for the Week of April 22, 2019

MuniNet Guide’s municipal bond calendar (see below) provides the latest issues of municipal bonds, courtesy of Mesirow Financial. Municipal Bonds are a form of debt issued by state and local governments to finance various purposes.

Quick Hits – Week of  4/22/2019 (see calendar below)

  • The Mesirow Financial calendar lists $4.44 billion in scheduled new issues.
  • The State of Massachusetts tops the list this week at $700 million.
  • Others at the top are Los Angeles Department of Water & Power, Frisco Independent School District, Michigan Financial Authority, San Diego Unified School District, and the University of Connecticut.

State, county and local general governments can issue bonds, as can special districts like transit authorities and school districts. They are traditionally associated with funding infrastructure projects like bridges and waterworks with heavy upfront costs. Bonds can also be issued to raise capital to pay off old debt that was issued at a higher interest rate, similar to how households may refinance their mortgage in a time of low rates. New issue muni-bonds are those bonds that are being currently brought for initial offering to the market.

new issue muni bonds

Whatever the purposes, purchases of municipal bonds are often available to the public and information is publicly listed. Our municipal bond calendar provides a listing of new issues scheduled for the current week, and any others within the past 30 days.

The new issue slate is designed to provide the scheduled sale date, the amount expected to be offered, whether the issue is competitive or negotiated, and its tax-exempt status. You can sort each column to help you find a specific issue more quickly.   For negotiated issues, the expected date applies to the entire week.   The dollar amount and terms of the sale are subject to change due to market conditions and reception for the particular bond issue.

MuniNet adds value to our calendar listing by allowing you to click on the state in which the issuing entity exists, providing you with a state demographics page. Clicking on select large issues takes you to that entity’s website or its MuniNet demographics page if it is a state, county, or city. Our state pages also include links the official government website.

Find out more information regarding municipal bonds and coverage of recent events in the muni bond market, including our featured municipal bond and daily municipal bond yields by visiting our Municipal Bonds page. Begin searching new issue muni bonds below.   Investors should review the official statement of the issuer prior to purchasing municipal bonds.

MuniNetguide’s listing of new issues or links to the website of the borrower do not imply a recommendation of the new issue nor should it be assumed that the information is sufficient to make a fully informed investment decision.

Scheduled bond sales are listed in order of most forward looking dates first,  followed by current and then recent sales (some of which have already come to market).

Municipal Bonds

Bond Issuer State Amount Sale Date Competitive / Negotiatied Tax-Exempt / Taxable / Both
Indiana Fin Auth (Res Polyflow IN Project) (Green Bonds) Indiana $179MM 03/25/2019 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
Cattaraugus-Little Valley Central School, District New York $17MM 04/03/2019 Negotiated Tax-exempt
Bibb County Development Authority Georgia $17MM 04/03/2019 Negotiated Tax-exempt
Olathe KS Water Sewer Revs Kansas $17MM 04/02/2019 Competitive Tax-exempt
Gresham-Barlow SD No. 10 OR CIB Bonds Oregon $17MM 04/09/2019 Negotiated Tax-exempt
City of E Orange NJ Energy Savings Ob Refunding Bonds (AGM) New Jersey $17MM 04/10/2019 Negotiated Tax-exempt
new - Waukesha WI Bonds Wisconsin $17MM 04/23/2019 Competitive Tax-exempt
new - N Weld County Water CO Dist Revs Colorado $17MM 04/24/2019 Competitive Tax-exempt
new - Lafayette Local Income IN Revs (ST INTERCEPT) Indiana $17MM 04/24/2019 Competitive Tax-exempt
City of Gainsville (Taxable) Florida $184MM 04/02/2019 Negotiated Tax-exempt
State of Louisiana Grant Anticipation Revenue Louisiana $185MM 04/04/2019 Negotiated Tax-exempt
New York City Housing Development Corporation New York $186MM 04/04/2019 Negotiated Tax-exempt
Muni Building Auth of Salt Lake Co UT Lease Revs Utah $18MM 03/27/2019 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
Middletown CT GO Bonds Connecticut $18MM 03/27/2019 Competitive Tax-Exempt
Utah Hosuing Corporation Utah $18MM 04/04/2019 Negotiated Tax-exempt
Central Union High School District California $18MM 04/02/2019 Negotiated Tax-exempt
new - Alta Loma CA SD GO Bonds California $18MM 04/25/2019 Negotiated Tax-exempt
CA Community Housing Agency Workforce Housing Revs (Annadel Apts) California $194MM 04/09/2019 Negotiated Tax-exempt
Arizona Board of Regents ( AZ State University) Arizona $196MM 04/02/2019 Negotiated Tax-exempt
Florida Development Finance Corporation Solid Waste Dispoal Revenue Florida $197MM 04/01/2019 Negotiated Both
WakeMed Public Finance Authority Revenue North Carolina $199MM 04/02/2019 Negotiated Tax-exempt
North Texas Muni Water Dist Revs Texas $19MM 03/28/2019 Competitive Tax-Exempt
Fairfax Co Eco Dev VA Auth Revs Virginia $19MM 04/02/2019 Competitive Tax-exempt
Oklahoma City OK GO Limited Tax Bonds Oklahoma $19MM 04/16/2019 Negotiated Taxable
Ballard Community IA SD GO ULT Iowa $19MM 04/15/2019 Competitive Tax-exempt
new - Dorchester Co SC GO ULT South Carolina $19MM 04/25/2019 Competitive Tax-exempt
Keenan Fort Detrick Energy Revenue (Taxable)(Corp CUSIP) Maryland $209MM 04/03/2019 Negotiated Taxable
Renton WA GO LT Washington $20MM 03/26/2019 Competitive Tax-Exempt
Kent State University Ohio $20MM 04/01/2019 Negotiated Tax-exempt
Osborn Elementary SD No. 8 School Improv Bonds AZ Bonds Arizona $20MM 04/09/2019 Negotiated Tax-exempt
Sherman TX GO LT Texas $20MM 04/15/2019 Competitive Tax-exempt
new - City of Temple TX GO Refunding Bonds Texas $20MM 04/22/2019 Negotiated Tax-exempt
new - Groton Township CT GO ULT Connecticut $20MM 04/24/2019 Competitive Tax-exempt
State of CA GO Bonds California $2100MM 04/08/2019 Negotiated Tax-exempt
University of Massachusetts Building Auth Revs Massachusetts $215MM 03/28/2019 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
Surry Co NC Limited Ob Bonds North Carolina $21MM 04/17/2019 Negotiated Tax-exempt
new - Round Rock Trans and Eco Dev Corp TX Senior Lien Sales Tax Revs (Taxable) Texas $21MM 04/24/2019 Negotiated Taxable
new - Coppell ISD TX Refunding Bonds Texas $21MM 04/22/2019 Negotiated Tax-exempt
Pflugerville ISD TX ULT Tax School Building Bonds Texas $224MM 03/26/2019 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
Martin County FL Health Fac Auth Revs Florida $226MM 04/15/2019 Negotiated Tax-exempt
Monmouth Regional HSD NJ GO ULT (SCH BD RES FD) New Jersey $22MM 03/26/2019 Competitive Tax-Exempt
Carmel Clay Schs IN GO LT (Circuit Breaker Tax) Indiana $22MM 03/27/2019 Competitive Tax-Exempt
Pima County Sewer System Arizona $22MM 04/04/2019 Negotiated Tax-exempt
Placer UHSD ULT GO California $22MM 04/02/2019 Competitive Tax-exempt
Independent SD No. 378 Dawson-Boyd MN GO School Building Bonds Minnesota $22MM 04/08/2019 Negotiated Tax-exempt
MS Dev Bank Lafayette Co SD Special Ob Bonds Mississippi $22MM 04/16/2019 Negotiated Tax-exempt
new - Georgetown TX Certificates of Ob GO LT Texas $22MM 04/23/2019 Competitive Tax-exempt
Port of Portland Airport Revenue Oregon $231MM 04/03/2019 Negotiated Tax-exempt
Miami-Dade Co Transit FL Revs Florida $239MM 03/26/2019 Competitive Tax-Exempt
Allan Hancock CA Joint Community College District GO Bonds California $23MM 04/16/2019 Negotiated Tax-exempt
new - Bucks Co Community College PA Guaranteed College Building Revs Pennsylvania $23MM 04/25/2019 Negotiated Both
new - St Louis Co MN ISD No. 709 Refunding COPs Minnesota $23MM 04/23/2019 Negotiated Tax-exempt
new - University of Connecticut GO Bonds Connecticut $240MM 04/24/2019 Negotiated Tax-exempt
Urbandale Iowa GO ULT Iowa $24MM 04/09/2019 Competitive Tax-exempt
E Ramapo CSD NY GO ULT (ST AID WITHHLDG) New York $24MM 04/10/2019 Competitive Tax-exempt
Cheektowaga NY Central SD GO LT (ST AID WITHHLDG) New York $24MM 04/11/2019 Competitive Tax-exempt
WI PFA (Mallard Creek Stem Academy) Revs Wisconsin $24MM 04/17/2019 Negotiated N/A
new - Trinity River Auth of TX Denton Creek Regional Wastewater Treatment Texas $24MM 04/25/2019 Negotiated Tax-exempt
Lee Memorial Health System Hospital Revenue Florida $250MM 04/02/2019 Negotiated Tax-exempt
new - Michigan Financial Authority Hospital Revs (Henry Ford Health System) Michigan $252MM 04/25/2019 Negotiated Tax-exempt
Successor Agency to the Redev Agency of the City of Hawaiian Gardens CA Tax Allocation Revs (Taxable) California $25MM 04/11/2019 Negotiated Taxable
Lake Elsinore School Fin Auth CA Revs California $25MM 04/09/2019 Negotiated Tax-exempt
new - Portland OR GO Bonds Oregon $26MM 04/23/2019 Competitive Both
new - Frisco ISD TX GO ULT School Building Bonds Texas $278MM 04/24/2019 Negotiated Tax-exempt
City of Sacramento CA Wastewater Revs California $27MM 03/27/2019 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
Council Bluffs IA Community SD GO ULT Iowa $27MM 03/26/2019 Competitive Tax-Exempt
Gavilan Joint Community College California $27MM 04/02/2019 Negotiated Tax-exempt
Gaston NC Limited Ob Bonds North Carolina $27MM 04/11/2019 Negotiated Both
new - Schenectady NY GO ULT New York $27MM 04/23/2019 Competitive Tax-exempt
Idaho Housing and Finance Authority Idaho $28MM 04/04/2019 Negotiated Tax-exempt
Tioga ISD TX School Fac Lease Revs Texas $28MM 04/09/2019 Negotiated Tax-exempt
Kirkwood IA CCD GO ULT Iowa $28MM 04/10/2019 Competitive Tax-exempt
new - Brainerd Pub Schools ISD #181 MN GO ULT (SD CRED PROG) Minnesota $28MM 04/22/2019 Competitive Tax-exempt
County of Monroe New York $29MM 04/02/2019 Negotiated Tax-exempt
District of Columbia Revs (Rocketship Rise Academy Issue) District of Columbia $29MM 04/17/2019 Negotiated Tax-exempt
new - Tulsa Co OK ISD #5 GO ULT (Taxable) Oklahoma $29MM 04/24/2019 Competitive Taxable
Beaver Dam WI Bonds (Taxable) Wisconsin $2MM 04/15/2019 Competitive Taxable
Michigan Finance Authority (Taxable) Michigan $300MM 04/02/2019 Negotiated Taxable
CA State Dept of Water Revs (Central Valley Project) California $306MM 04/16/2019 Competitive Tax-exempt
new - Los Angeles Dept of Water and Power CA Revs California $309MM 04/25/2019 Negotiated Tax-exempt
Paramount USD CA GO Bonds California $30MM 03/27/2019 Negotiated Tax-Exempt
Evansville IN Revs Indiana $30MM 03/26/2019 Competitive Tax-Exempt
Tulsa OK Met Utility Auth Revs Oklahoma $30MM 03/26/2019 Competitive Tax-Exempt
Greenbrier SD AR GO Bonds Arkansas $30MM 03/27/2019 Competitive Tax-Exempt
CO International Center No. 4 CCAB A-2 CO Revs Colorado $30MM 04/11/2019 Negotiated Tax-exempt
City of Waukesha WI GO Promissory Notes and Anticipation Notes Wisconsin $30MM 04/16/2019 Negotiated Tax-exempt
NYC Housing Dev Corp Sustainable Neighborhood VRDN Weekly Reset (RBC Liquidity) New York $30MM 04/16/2019 Negotiated Tax-exempt
Washington Co TX College Revs Texas $30MM 04/16/2019 Competitive Tax-exempt
Gloucester Co NJ Bonds New Jersey $30MM 04/18/2019 Competitive Tax-exempt
new - Adams State CO Univ Revs Colorado $30MM 04/23/2019 Negotiated Tax-exempt
new - City of Round Rock TX Combination Tax and Limited Revs Texas $30MM 04/24/2019 Negotiated Tax-exempt
new - Jessamine Co SD Fin Corp KY Revs (ST INTERCEPT) Kentucky $30MM 04/24/2019 Competitive Tax-exempt
new - Traverse City Area Pub Schools MI GO Bonds Michigan $31MM 04/23/2019 Negotiated Tax-exempt
Gresham-Barlow SD No. 10 OR GO Bonds Oregon $32MM 04/09/2019 Negotiated Tax-exempt
Forest Hills Pub Schools MI School Building and Site Bonds Michigan $32MM 04/16/2019 Negotiated Tax-exempt
Alaska Municipal Bond Bank GO Bonds (Non-AMT, Taxable) Alaska $32MM 04/16/2019 Negotiated Both
new - Tulsa OK GO ULT (Taxable) Oklahoma $32MM 04/24/2019 Competitive Taxable
WI PFA Student Housing Revs (NV State College) Nevada $33MM 04/10/2019 Negotiated Tax-exempt
West Fargo Public SD #6 ND GO ULT (SD CRED PROG) North Dakota $33MM 04/08/2019 Competitive Tax-exempt
NJ Eco Dev Auth (New Jersey Natural Gas Company Project) (AMT and Non-AMT) New Jersey $35MM 04/11/2019 Negotiated Tax-exempt