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Think Tanks and Other Public Policy Organizations

  • Adam Smith Institute

    Organization dedicated to free trade and free markets.

  • Allegheny Insititute

    Think tank devoted to bringing free market solutions to local government.

  • American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research

    American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research

  • American Policy Roundtable

    Formerly the Ohio Roundtable. A non-profit, non-partisan education and research organization dedicated to restoring traditional principles to public […]

  • American Productivity and Quality Center

    Site focused on promoting improved management practices and effectiveness.

  • Annenberg Public Policy Center (Univ. of PA)

    Annenberg Public Policy Center (Univ. of PA)

  • Arizona Center for Public Policy

    Research institute dedicated to providing non-partisan information concerning public policy issues.

  • Atlas Economic Research Foundation

    Dedicated to working with think tanks and individuals who advocate property rights, free markets and market order.

  • Baker Institute for Public Policy – Rice University

    Founded in 1993, nonpartisan public policy think tank with research programs in energy, health, conflict resolution, tax and expenditure […]

  • Beacon Hill Institute for Public Policy Research

    Beacon Hill Institute for Public Policy Research

  • Benton Foundation

    Foundation dedicated to promoting the value of communication to solve problems.

  • Brookings Institution

    Think tank that use demographic data to make informed policy recommendations for issues such as community development, housing and […]

  • Bureau of Government Research (New Orleans)

    BGR is a private, non-profit, independent research organization dedicated to informed public policy making and the effective use […]

  • Bureau of National Affairs

    Research on public policy, regulatory matters, health care, law and economics

  • California Institute for County Govt.

    California Institute for County Government (CICG) — research organization for county government and regional economy.

  • Carter Center (The)

    Carter Center (The)

  • Cascade Policy Institute

    Oregon oriented public policy research organization.

  • Cato Institute

    Think tank devoted to promoting public policy based in individual liberty, limited government, free markets and peace.

  • Center for Local Government

    Non-profit organization intended to improve public service delivery through mutual teamwork in the Cincinnati area.

  • Center for Policy Research (Syracuse University)

    Center for Policy Research (Syracuse University)

  • Center for Technology in Government

    Applied research center devoted to improving government and public service through policy, management and technology innovation.

  • Center for the Continuing Study of the California Economy

    CCSCE was founded as an independent, private economic research organization specializing in the analysis and study of California. […]

  • Center for Urban Policy Research (Rutgers University)

    Center for Urban Policy Research (Rutgers University)

  • Center for Urban Research & Policy

    Center for Urban Research & Policy at Columbia University. Research focus on urban America. Access to Metropolitics newsletter.

  • Center on Budget Policy and Priorities

    Non-partisan research institute covering government programs and policies with emphasis on low and moderate income persons.

  • CEOs for Cities

    Public policy organization with a focus on cities and urban issues

  • Chaddick Institute for Metropolitan Development

    Chaddick Institute for Metropolitan Development

  • Citistates Group

    Think-tank focusing on regionalism; site includes Neal Peirce columns and a library of resources pertaining to metropolitan areas.

  • Cleveland State Univeristy Urban Affairs Forum

    Levin College Forum, part of Cleveland State, is a focal point and catalyst for thoughtful public debate, innovative […]

  • Competitive Enterprise Institute

    Promotes principles of free enterprise and limited government.

  • Council for Government Reform

    Seeks government reform, particular with respect to reduction in size and scale of government

  • Council of State Governments

    Council of State Governments. Provides timely news on wide variety of state issues in the States News section.

  • Ctr. for Urban Initiatives and Research

    Center for Urban Initiatives and Research — University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

  • Economic Strategy Institute
  • Fiscal Austerity and Urban Innovation

    Fiscal Austerity and Urban Innovation Project. Repository for documents which focus on global innovations involving cities.

  • Florida Program in Local Governance

    Florida State University’s Moore Center, includes working papers on local governance and public finance plus many research links.

  • Ford Foundation

    Ford Foundation

  • Goldwater Institute

    Goldwater Institute – Arizona think tank with a focus on the state economy and legislation, education and civil […]

  • Government Performance Project

    Government P Affairserformance Project of the Campbell Institute at Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public

  • Heartland Institute

    Heartland Institute – Think tank that advocates privatization, deregulation, property rights, free markets and educational choice

  • Heritage Foundation

    Heritage Foundation

  • Hoover Institution

    Free enterprise and individual freedom think tank associated with Stanford University

  • Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association

    Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Assocation, a public policy organization dedicated to the protection of Proposition 13 and the advancement […]

  • Hudson Institute

    The Hudson Institute is a futuristic oriented think tank which attempts to think about the future in unconventional […]

  • Illinois Policy Institute

    Illinois Policy Institute – nonpartisan research organization dedicated to supporting free market principles and liberty-based public policy initiatives […]

  • Independent Institute

    Public policy advocates for government reform

  • Index to Current Urban Documents

    Guide to research by state and local governments, academics, citizen groups, research organizations, and planning organizations

  • Inside Politics

    Brown University professor’s perspective on state and local politics with a special emphasis on e-government and media.

  • Inst. for Social Econ. Research & Policy

    Institute for Social Economic Research and Policy at Columbia University.

  • Inst. of Social/Econ Research Alaska

    Institute of Social & Economic Research (University of Alaska) — oldest public policy research center in Alaska.

  • Institute for Public Policy & Social Research (MSU)

    Institute for Public Policy & Social Research (MSU)

  • Institute for Southern Studies

    The Institute for Southern Studies, established in 1970, is a public policy organization designed to promote grassroots activists, […]

  • Institute of Governmental Studies

    University of California (Berkeley) Institute of Governmental Studies. Extensive library of resources and statewide database and a public […]

  • International Economic Development Counc

    Nation’s largest economic development professional association formed by the merger of CUED and AEDC

  • John Locke Foundation

    Government research organization focused on North Carolina policy issues.

  • Kennedy School of Government

    Kennedy School of Government

  • Kettering Foundation

    Kettering Foundation

  • Maine Center for Economic Policy

    The Maine Center for Economic Policy (MECEP) is an independent, nonpartisan research organization. The organization’s mission is to […]

  • Manhattan Institute for Policy Research

    Think tank focused on New York. Issues include, economic choice, rebuilding New York, education, welfare and crime reform.

  • Markle Foundation

    non-profit public policy and research organization that specializes in communications media

  • Massachusetts Institute

    Massachusetts policy organization focused on state issues, especially affecting middle class.

  • McArthur Foundation

    MacArthur is one of the nation’s largest independent foundations. Through the support it provides, the Foundation fosters the […]

  • Milken Institute

    Think Tank with emphasis on global economic issues, including domestic regional issues.

  • National Academy of Public Adminstration

    National Academy of Public Adminstration

  • National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Admin

    National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Admin

  • National Center for Policy Analysis

    National Center for Policy Analysis

  • National Center for Small Communities

    National Center for Small Communities

  • New Rules Project

    Resource for policymakers, organizations and civic activists looking for innovative policies to make communities more vibrant.

  • NewTalk

    NewTalk is a nonpartisan organization that features online discussions focusing on today’s top domestic issues.

  • Nuclear Energy Institutie

    The Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) is the policy organization of the nuclear energy and technologies industry and participates […]

  • Pacific Research Insititute

    California oriented public policy organization promoting free market solutions.

  • Performance Management Network

    Organization focus in on promoting improved management practice and performance.

  • Pew Research Center

    The Pew Charitable Trusts subsidiary for information initiatives; nonpartisan fact tank informs the public on issues, attitudes and […]

  • Pioneer Institute

    Massachusetts oriented think tank focused on education, economic opportunity, public management and market oriented policy.

  • Policy Matters Ohio

    A non-profit policy research organization founded to broaden the debate about economic policy in Ohio.

  • Property and Environment Research Center

    Think tank oriented to Montana issues with an emphasis on environmental issues.

  • Public Affairs Research Council of Louisiana

    Public Affairs Research Council of Louisiana (PAR) is an independent, non-profit research organization that serves to educate citizens […]

  • Public Policy Institute of California

    Public Policy Institute of California – Think tank with a focus on the California economy, public finance and […]

  • Public Policy Institute of New York

    public policy research for New York State

  • Public Service Research Foundation

    Focused on public employees, unions, privatization and civil service.

  • RAND Corporation

    Nonprofit, nonpartisan, research organization committed to the pubic interest; develops solutions to public policy challenges to help global […]

  • Reason Foundation

    Reason Foundation – Think tank that provides research on privatization, government reform, infrastructure and transportation and other public […]

  • Rockefeller Institute of Government
  • San Francisco Planning &Urban Research

    San Francisco oriented public policy and planning think tank promoting good planning and good government.

  • Sanford Institute of Public Policy

    Sanford (Terry) Institute of Public Policy

  • Southern California Assoc. of Government

    Southern California Association of Governments. Regional government association.

  • Texas Public Policy Foundation

    Texas Public Policy Foundation

  • The Aspen Institute

    Non-profit think tank dedicated to promoting inspired global leadership and policy making.

  • The Century Foundation

    Formerly twentienth century fund focusing on national political and social issues.

  • The Mackinac Center

    Public Policy and research center focused on Michigan issues, including privatization, taxes, deregulation, charter schools.

  • The Nat. Center for Public Performance

    The National Center for Public Productivity site focuses on performance measurement and productivity improvements in the public sector.

  • The Performance Institute

    A private think tank that serves as a leading authority on performance-based management practices for government agencies.

  • The Potomac Institute for Policy Studies

    Public policy institute providing insight on technology issues in government and business

  • The Tax Foundation

    Non-partisan public policy organization that focuses on tax and fiscal policy at the local, state and federal levels

  • Upjohn Institute

    W.E. Upjohn Research Think Tank on Employment Research, based in Kalamazoo, Michigan

  • Urban Affairs Review

    Urban Affairs Review is a scholarly journal dedicated to topics of interest to cities.

  • Urban Institute

    Think tank dealing with cities, urban issues and public policy

  • Urban Land Institute (ULI)

    Independent, global, nonprofit organization, representing members and providing leadership in all real estate development and land use disciplines.

  • Vertex Inc, Tax Cybrary

    Resource for tax activity and compliance information on state and local taxes. Site features a tax cybrary.

  • is a political news service for the State of Wisconsin.