An umbrella term for an array of tools that help you locate research, data, guidelines and regulations, and places, MuniNet Guide’s “Resources” section is an eclectic compilation of relevant information and articles. We also have collected an Editor’s Picks list of top sites of outside organizations and agencies, public and private, that provide premium information and research aides. Designed to help you find quality information quickly, our Resources pages cover a broad range of topics, including:
— Citizen Participation – Government Research & Watchdog Groups
— Maps
— State & Local Media
— Professional Organizations
— Public Policy Organizations & Think Tanks
— Regulatory & Standards
— U.S. Government
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News & Articles

Top Picks
The following featured links are approved by MuniNet as exceptional online resources offering up-to-date information on topics that matter
  • Conference Board, The

    Global, independent business membership and research association that helps member companies understand and deal with critical issues.

  • Economic Analysis and Research Network (EARN)

    Network of state and regional multi-issue research, policy, and advocacy organizations seeking to advance progressive policy at state and regional level.